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Cheese Curds, 8/6: Tempers flare between Packers, Texans after big hit on Sternberger

Rookie Texans corner Lonnie Johnson will be under the microscope today for any sign of over-eagerness.

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NFL: AUG 05 Packers and Texans Joint Practice Photo by Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It was almost inevitable. When two NFL teams get together for practice in training camp, a fight or tussle of some kind almost always takes place. Whether one team is more physical in their tackling or hitting than the other, or if it’s just a single player taking some liberties with opponents who are no longer his teammates, something usually seems to boil over and lead to some hard feelings.

That definitely happened on Monday as the Green Bay Packers hosted the Houston Texans for the first of two joint practices. Rookie tight end Jace Sternberger was on the receiving end of a hit, setting off some fireworks between the Packers’ offense and Houston’s defense.

While the offender was booted from the remainder of practice, this serves as a reminder that in these situations, both coaches need to be on the same page regarding the intensity of practice and exactly what is acceptable. Although Matt LaFleur said he liked his team’s intensity level, he was unhappy with the hit that led to the scuffle, saying “I thought there was no place for that. We addressed it and it’s an unfortunate deal (but) I was pretty clear with our guys that we’re not doing that kind of stuff.” Meanwhile, Bill O’Brien called the situation “no big deal.”

It should be interesting to see how Tuesday’s practice goes.

Packers quickly come to teammate’s defense |
Rookie tight end Jace Sternberger took a big shot from Texans corner Lonnie Johnson, setting off a bit of a donnybrook on one end of the field. Sternberger wasn't hurt, but the former Texas A&M player had a nice comeback when he reminded Johnson that the Aggies beat Johnson's Kentucky team last year.

Texans' Lonnie Johnson shows pride in vicious hit on Instagram |
Meanwhile, Johnson doesn't seem to think he did anything wrong, as he was saying on social media that he did nothing wrong despite being kicked out of practice by Texans coach Bill O'Brien.

Packers CB Tony Brown taking advantage of first-team reps | Packers Wire
Meanwhile, one of the Packers' reserve cornerbacks has had a nice week, taking an interception to the house in Family Night and getting lots of snaps with the starters due to Kevin King's hamstring injury.

Picture-perfect Green Bay homecoming for Texans tackle Max Scharping - ESPN
It's worth remembering that J.J. Watt isn't the only Wisconsin native playing for the Texans; rookie Max Scharping played at Northern Illinois, but he grew up in Green Bay, so his first NFL game will come at his hometown stadium.

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David Bakhtiari is still the champ (and the originator of this new trend, at least this offseason).

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There was an investigation of the restaurant and everything, but it seems that after a long shift, the cop had simply forgotten that he took a bite when he ordered the sandwich before stashing it for later.