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Wednesday Cheese Curds: Jordy Nelson comes home

The former wide receiver shared an otherworldly connection with Aaron Rodgers

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers Dan Powers-USA TODAY Sports

After a long year apart, Jordy Nelson and the Green Bay Packers have reunited.

Nelson returned to Green Bay for the first time since the conclusion of the 2017 season to formally retire as a member of the Packers after signing a ceremonial one-day contract.

It marked the end of an 11-year career for Nelson in which he spent 10 of those seasons in Green Bay. Drafted in the second round of the 2008 draft, Nelson would go on to have one of the most prolific careers in team history.

He developed what basically amounted to a telepathic bond with quarterback Aaron Rodgers and from 2011-2016 (save the 2015 season that Nelson missed with a torn AC) they formed one of the most lethal quarterback/wide receiver combinations in the NFL. Nobody could stop the back shoulder throws Rodgers would throw to him. He know where Nelson would be and Nelson knew where the ball would be. It was a special combination.

Perhaps Nelson’s greatest legacy lives on in the Packers’ current WR1 Davante Adams. He and Rodgers are developing a connection that will rival the one the quarterback shared with Nelson and Adams has also been seen spending a lot of time with the younger receivers during training camp. Adams picked up the leadership mantle right where Nelson left off and there may not be a better tribute to number 87 than that.

Thank you for the memories, Jordy. Enjoy your retirement.

Now for today’s cheese curds.

Jordy Nelson reflects on a remarkable career—

Nelson still refuses to watch Super Bowl XLV due to the amount of drops he had in that game. It wasn’t until the 2011 season where Nelson truly emerged as Rodgers’ top target.

Packers’ red-zone struggles not unusual in offensive system Matt LaFleur employs—

If this system struggles in the red zone, it’s a good thing the Packers have one of the best red zone quarterbacks of all time. This is where head coach Matt LaFleur might have to let Rodgers loose a bit.

Packers believe Jimmy Graham can play like Jimmy Graham again—ESPN

Getting Jimmy Graham back to being Jimmy Graham would of course also aid any potential red zone woes. The Packers chose not to cut Graham in the offseason and now it’s up to the veteran tight end to reward their faith.

Inside Packers camp: Aaron Rodgers has all the freedom he needs, a breakout candidate at receiver and more—CBS Sports

Think you’re optimistic about the Packers’ chances this year? Pete Prisco says Rodgers wins MVP and LaFleur wins coach of the year.

Man who chucked old fridge down hill gets his comeuppance—SKY News

Don’t litter, especially with old appliances. You’ll just have to pick it back up and that’s a long way to climb.