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Cheese Curds, 9/17: On Packers’ game-clinching plays, LaFleur’s communication style

Kevin King made one of the plays of the game, while we get a few glimpses into how the Packers’ coach functions behind closed doors.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers’ new head coach continues to find his rhythm as a playcaller through two weeks of regular season games. The Packers’ offense has had glimpses of brilliance in each of their two wins to start the year — one drive in Chicago and the first three against Minnesota — but the next challenge for Matt LaFleur is to help the unit find consistent, sustained success.

However, if early reports out of Green Bay are any indication, his ability to communicate will not hold the team back from that success.

Coming out of week two, LaFleur is getting more comfortable speaking to the media, but there are also more reports emerging that illustrate his overall communication style with his players. Based on these reports, LaFleur sounds like a great coach to work for: even-keeled for the most part, but with enough fire and vigor to deliver a strong message when it is warranted.

On the field, meanwhile, two huge plays helped the Packers lock up their week two victory over the Vikings on Sunday. First, Kevin King made a fantastic interception in the end zone to keep Minnesota from taking a lead, and a few plays later Aaron Rodgers hooked up with his favorite receiver on a gutsy call. Today’s curds will examine LaFleur and those plays in a bit more detail.

Packers coach Matt LaFleur earning respect for his genuine demeanor |
LaFleur's leadership style might not be flashy or have a tendency to fly off the handle, but he's no stranger to showing his emotions to his team. He just picks his spots and does it with a purpose and to send a message. Perhaps this is why LaFleur comes off a bit quiet and reserved in press conferences -- he's careful with his words, seeming to put as much thought into how he delivers his message as the message itself.

A lot went into Packers’ game-clinching first down |
Out of the two minute warning and with the Vikings still holding two timeouts, Matt LaFleur dialed up a gutsy pass call, and his quarterback and top wide receiver made it pay off. LaFleur raved about the two players' execution on the play in his Monday presser.

Jaire Alexander, Kevin King talk (and play) a good game for Packers' D - ESPN
King's pick in the end zone allowed Rodgers to lock up the game with his throw to Adams, while Alexander made a few great plays even in spite of a couple of mistakes. Aaron Rodgers addressed the two young corners after the game and compared them favorably to Al Harris and Charles Woodson.

Dalvin Cook grabbed headlines, but Packers RB Aaron Jones had more efficient game | Packers Wire
Yes, Cook had the big play with a 75-yard touchdown, but Jones was a steady, reliable player. His longest carry was just 15 yards, but his efficiency was nearly 70 percent compared to Cook's 55 percent.

Dolphins trade Minkah Fitzpatrick to Steelers for 2020 first-rounder |
The Packers won't be acquiring Fitzpatrick, who landed in Pittsburgh. But the Steelers giving up a one for him is a bit of a shock, especially considering their season is on the brink of collapse following Ben Roethlisberger's season-ending injury. That pick could end up being an early one.

The Jets Seem Like They're About Done With Trumaine Johnson | Deadspin
Remember when a large number of Packers fans were enthralled with the prospect of signing Johnson during the 2018 free agency period? Now he's getting benched for poor play two weeks into his second season with the Jets, after playing just 10 games last year. It's safe to say that the Packers dodged a bullet.

Finally, we bring you news from Chicago, where pigeon poop is apparently a major problem. Conveniently, the pigeons made the problem clear by bombing a state representative while he was giving an interview about the issue to a local TV station: