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Broncos-Packers Q&A: Denver’s close losses in 2019

Joe Rowles of SB Nation’s Denver Broncos blog Mile High Report answers our questions about Denver’s close losses thus far in 2019.

Chicago Bears v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

On Sunday, the Green Bay Packers face the Denver Broncos, an uncommon opponent with a familiar head coach. Joe Rowles of Mile High Report kindly volunteered to answer our questions about the Broncos and provide some insight into their strengths and weaknesses.

APC: The Broncos lost each of their first two games by a single possession, a 24-16 defeat to the Raiders followed by a 16-14 heartbreaker to the Bears. Are those scores indicative of how competitive Denver has played, and what do you expect from the team this season?

Before the year started I predicted the Broncos would hover around 8-8 on the year, give or take a win or two. They have a brutal schedule with Kansas City in the AFC West, the NFC North, and picking up a game against Cleveland because of both finishing third last year.

When I made that prediction I expected win one of the first two games, so at this point I’m taking the under. That doesn’t mean Fangio’s a huge flop by any means, the team is competitive despite some pretty glaring weaknesses in personnel. My hope is that they continue to improve and the young players show enough promise to give Broncos Country hope at better days ahead.

We’d like to thank Joe. Be sure to check out the rest of our Q&A session with Mile High Report over the course of the week as well as our Q&A session over there. As always, keep your internet machines tuned to Acme Packing Company this Sunday for our comprehensive game-day coverage of Broncos versus Packers.