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Bleeding Green Nation predicts winner of Eagles vs. Packers

Brandon Gowton of SB Nation’s Philadelphia Eagles blog Bleeding Green Nation picks the outcome of Thursday’s game.

Green Bay Packers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Tonight, the Green Bay Packers take the prime-time stage against the Philadelphia Eagles. Brandon Gowton of Bleeding Green Nation kindly volunteered to predict the outcome of the game.

APC: Finally, it’s prediction time. Which team wins on Thursday and why?

Going to re-share this stat I came across for a Bleeding Green Nation article.

The Packers are 65-16-1 in home games since the Aaron Rodgers era began in 2008. That ranks as the second best overall win percentage in that span. (And that includes a 3-6-1 record in 10 games not started by non-Rodgers quarterbacks.)

It’s hard for me to bet against the Packers in this spot. Playing in Lambeau Field is already difficult enough. Doing so on a Thursday night road is even tougher. And the Eagles are just so banged up and not playing like a good or smart team right now. I can’t envision Rodgers NOT shredding this secondary.

So, with every reason to believe the Packers are going to win the game ... I’m going to take the Eagles. This feels like the kind of team that will lose two games they should’ve won only to then inexplicably win a game in which everyone counted them out.

The Eagles are going to be desperate to not fall to 1-3. They’ll get the upset and it won’t make any sense.

Final score (OT): Eagles 27, Packers 24

We’d like to thank Brandon. Be sure to check out the rest of our Q&A session with Bleeding Green Nation from earlier in the week as well as our Q&A session over there. As always, keep your internet machines tuned to Acme Packing Company all day for our comprehensive game-day coverage of Eagles versus Packers.