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Wednesday Cheese Curds: Theories finally will become facts for the Packers offense

All the debate and hypothesizing will finally give way to the truth tomorrow night

NFL: Preseason-Green Bay Packers at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since Matt LaFleur was hired as the Green Bay Packers’ head coach in January, one question has hung over the team like a cloud about to either reveal sunshine or drop a tornado on Titletown:

“What will the Packers’ offense look like and will Aaron Rodgers buy into it?”

In the roughly eight months since, there have been endless prognostications from everyone qualified as well as every not qualified to weigh in on the matter. It’s all been projection and theorizing at this point.

In just under 36 hours, those theories will finally give way to facts.

When the Packers face the Chicago Bears tomorrow night to open the 2019 season, Green Bay will have a whole new look on offense for the first time since 2006. To put that in perspective, that was halfway through George W. Bush’s second term and we have had teo presidents since.

This will be the chance for Rodgers and LaFleur to shut everyone up or perhaps raise some eyebrows. It will be a baptism by fire for the new offense since they will be facing one of the league’s top defenses from a year ago that likely will stay that way despite a change at defensive coordinator.

The important part to remember is to temper your reactions, either positive or negative. Should Green Bay win, LaFleur will be hailed as a genius by some despite it being the first sixteenth of a season and there will still he trouble ahead. Should they lose, fans will panic and proclaim a lost season despite the fact that the Bears are admittedly a very good team and that it’s the first game for a rookie head coach with a brand new offensive system.

Tomorrow’s game represents the first step for an offense still in its infancy and like an actual infant, the first step might be successful but a stumble usually follows. How the 2019 Packers are viewed by history won’t be by how that first step went but rather by how fast they picked themselves up to take more steps and then proceed to walk and then (hopefully) to run.

If the offense can’t recover and proceeds to crawl the entire way, then Green Bay could very possibly find themselves back at square one January 2020.

Now for today’s curds.

Packers’ offense ready to take first step in revealing ‘whole new identity’—

All eyes will be on the Green Bay offense tomorrow night. (Over)reactions will be made, but a win will be a heck of a lot easier to deal with than a loss.

Chicago run defense will be a good test for Aaron Jones, Jamaal Williams—

LaFleur has said on multiple occasions the Packers want to run the ball more. That concept will be truly tested against a very stout Chicago run defense.

How to win an NFL job interview in three hours, by Packers’ Matt LaFleur—ESPN

As LaFleur prepares for his first game as an NFL head coach, here’s a great final look back on how his hiring transpired. Don’t let the short time frame fool you. Sometimes hiring someone is like finding a romantic partner: sometimes you just know.

Packers: Darnell Savage will go back to wearing 26–WLUK FOX 11

So much for “21 Savage.” I guess the rookie didn’t want to pay for all the preprinted jerseys (and I don’t blame him).

Workers Scream As Mouse Launches Itself Into Deep Fryer At Texas Whataburger—Huffington Post

Thoughts and prayers to that mouse’s family. Very respectful of Whataburger to not add fried mouse to the menu