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Niners Nation predicts the winner of Packers-49ers

Kyle Posey of SB Nation’s San Francisco 49ers blog Niners Nation picks the outcome of Sunday’s game.

Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49er Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

On Sunday, the Green Bay Packers return to the NFC Championship Game for the first time since the 2016 season. There, they will face off against the San Francisco 49ers, the No. 1 seed in the conference. Kyle Posey of Niners Nation kindly volunteered to predict the outcome of the game.

APC: Finally, it’s prediction time. Which team wins on Sunday and why?

The Packers made so many mistakes the first matchup that it’s nearly impossible to expect the same outcome. The 49ers are clicking, though. I think what we saw from both teams last Sunday is who they are. Aaron Rodgers played arguably his best game of the season. Will that happen again against a defense that is worlds better than Seattle? I have my doubts. I do think the Packers offensive line is significantly better than Minnesota’s, which will allow their skill players to do damage. It’ll come down to Shanahan vs. Pettine and we know how that has gone. 27-13, Niners.

We’d like to thank Kyle. Be sure to check out the rest of our Q&A session with Niners Nation from earlier in the week as well as our Q&A session over there. As always, keep your internet machines tuned to Acme Packing Company this Sunday for our comprehensive game-day coverage of Packers versus 49ers.