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Pro Bowl 2020: Game Time, TV Broadcast, Rules Changes, & More

Three Packers are participating in this year’s game — here’s when and how to tune in.

Pro Bowl Practice Orlando Stephen M. Dowell/Orlando Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers will be fairly well-represented at the 2020 Pro Bowl, which takes place this weekend in Central Florida. Five Packers made the NFC’s Pro Bowl team, with three of them taking part in Sunday’s game.

Those three players — Davante Adams, Kenny Clark, and Za’Darius Smith — are also working at practice this week, and Adams is participating in the Pro Bowl Skills Showdown, which will air on ESPN at 9:00 PM Eastern on Thursday evening. But the game itself will kick off on Sunday afternoon, and here is your primer for that competition.


2020 Pro Bowl


Camping World Stadium
Orlando, Florida


Sunday, January 26th
3:00 PM ET


TV Broadcast: ESPN & ABC


Rules Changes

The NFL is testing out a few alternate rules for this game, one relating to kickoffs and onside kicks (or the lack thereof) and the other regarding pre-snap penalties. Here are the descriptions of these rules changes from the NFL:

Following a successful field goal or try attempt, the scoring team (Team A), has the following options:
1. Team A may elect to give Team B the ball at Team B’s 25-yard line (1st-and-10), beginning a new series of downs.
2. Team A may elect to take the ball at their own 25-yard line (4th-and-15).
If Team A is successful in making a first down, Team A will maintain possession and a new series of downs will continue as normal.
If Team A is unsuccessful in making a first down, the result will be a turnover on downs and Team B will take possession at the dead ball spot.

Additionally, the 2020 Pro Bowl will feature a rule change regarding pre-snap penalties.
It is not a false start if a flexed, eligible receiver in a two-point stance who flinches or picks up one foot, as long as his other foot remains partially on the ground, and he resets for one second prior to the snap. A receiver who fits this exception is not considered to be “in motion” for purposes of the “illegal shift” rules.
It is a false start if all 11 offensive players have been set for at least one full second, and any flexed, eligible receiver breaks his stance by picking up both feet.


Here’s a look at the jerseys the NFC team will be wearing, as modeled by the three Packers participating in the game: