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Friday Cheese Curds: Will destiny knock on LeRoy Butler’s door this weekend?

The former Packers safety could achieve football immortality this weekend if he’s elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame

LeRoy Butler #36...

Two years ago on the Saturday before the Super Bowl, legendary Green Bay Packers guard Jerry Kramer finally heard Canton’s call when he was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Could fellow Packers legend LeRoy Butler be in for the same fate this weekend? We’re about 24 hours away from finding out.

Butler made it to the finalist level after being a semi-finalist multiple times. That means Butler is in Miami this weekend and will be awaiting the fateful knock on his hotel room door from Pro Football Hall of Fame president David Baker. If no knock comes, then his wait will continue.

Butler’s case for enshrinement is a strong one. Much like how Kramer before him was the last member of the NFL’s 50th anniversary team to be enshrined, Butler is one of only two members of the league’s all-1990s team not be in Canton. The other is former Broncos safety Steve Atwater, who is also a finalist this year.

Butler was the rare talent (at least in the 1990s) of being a safety that was not only good in coverage but also as a pass rusher. He was the first safety to record 35 interceptions and 20 sacks and only Charles Woodson, Brian Dawkins and Ronde Barber have since joined him in that club.

Along with Butler and Atwater, John Lynch and Troy Polamalu are the other safeties in the finalists class. It’s nearly impossible all four will get in at the same time but two of the four are fairly likely.

Will Butler Lambeau Leap into Canton this summer or like Kramer, will he be forced to wait even longer? Stay tuned.

Now for today’s curds.

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