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Reporting as Eligible, Bye Week Edition: the greatest moments of the 2010 season

During the bye week, the guys relive the magical season that was 2010, with Aaron Rodgers at the peak of his powers.

Syndication: Milwaukee Mark Hoffman, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Several Acme Packing Company contributors have joined forces for a Packers-focused podcast: Reporting As Eligible. If you’ve ever wondered what Paul Noonan, Rcon14, or Matub sound like in real life, tune in as they join JR Radcliffe of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel for discussion and banter about the Packers and whatever else is going on out there.

Paul, JR, and special guest Ryan Topp of the Milwaukee’s Tailgate podcast draft their favorite moments from the 2010 run to the Super Bowl. Fat guy touchdowns, perfectly executed screen passes, and Jay Cutler just seemingly not caring all make an appearance. They also discuss the harbinger of the Matt Flynn game against the defensive dominance of the Jets in a 9-0 win by the Pack, and JR gets to dispel his favorite myth while pointing out a game that should be much more remembered.

The guys also briefly touch on the upcoming game with the Bucs, and of course, listener questions.

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