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Friday Cheese Curds: Deshaun Watson adds new flair to the Packers/Texans series

Previous Packers/Texans games have featured unremarkable quarterback play. Not this one.

Minnesota Vikings v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

The extremely limited history between the Packers and Texans is a fun curiosity. You can review quite literally every game they’ve ever played in a matter of seconds — there are only four of them!

A quick look at those four games brings one tidbit to mind almost immediately: the Texans have had some really uninspiring quarterbacks at the helm whenever the Packers have played them.

The first Packers/Texans game featured the illustrious David Carr, then in the midst of a 16 touchdown, 14 interception season in which he was sacked a league-leading 49 times. The next two matchups pitted Matt Schaub (twice a Pro Bowl passer, somehow!) against Aaron Rodgers. The last featured the tall but otherwise unremarkable Brock Osweiler.

Sunday will be something entirely different. Though he hasn’t reached the lofty heights of Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson, Deshaun Watson is very rightly regarded as one of the bright young quarterback stars in the league. He’s dangerous, efficient, and can put up huge numbers seemingly at a whim. Certainly, he is not perfect. But he’s in an entirely different class than any Texans quarterback the Packers have ever faced. That may not be saying much, but it’s something that sets apart this Sunday’s matchup in an otherwise relatively nondescript series of games between these two teams.

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