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Cheese Curds, 10/28: What will Packers do with trade deadline looming?

We have confirmed reports that Brian Gutekunst tried to acquire a tight end, but

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NFL: Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers are in an interesting position today, as the NFL sits six days away from the trade deadline. The Packers are currently in the pole position for the NFC playoffs, holding the top seed in the conference at 5-1. With that in mind, being buyers at the deadline would make sense — a resurgent Aaron Rodgers and top-level offense has the team humming aside from a blip against Tampa Bay.

Indeed, on Tuesday a report emerged, establishing that general manager Brian Gutekunst has tried to acquire at least one additional playmaker for his team’s offense. This comes on the heels of reports that the team has been making calls about wide receivers in the past few weeks as well.

Despite the team’s success, however, there are long-term concerns in play here as well. The team is set up to be hit hard by free agency next offseason, and tough decisions await Gutekunst. Those choices will be made even harder by the lowering salary cap, which will hamstring his and other teams’ flexibility in 2021. So could the Packers actually look to unload instead of add pieces?

The deadline is next Tuesday, November 3rd — also election day across the USA, so make sure to put your plan together to vote — so there isn’t much time left. If Gutey is planning on making any moves, he will have to do so quickly.

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Ertz went on IR with a "short term" injury, meaning he can't be traded until he returns, likely after the deadline. But the Packers were one of a few teams who reportedly made the Eagles an offer before that point, a sign that Brian Gutekunst is looking to add pieces to the offense at least.

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