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Hottest Take of the Week: Taysom’s Tumble and WR Depth

Matub looks back at last week’s “Take on Taysom” and even further back at the 2020 draft

Green Bay Packers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

This week’s episode begins with Matub doing the famous Conor McGregor walk around his kitchen and basking in his own glory. This stems from last week’s episode where he lambasted Taysom Hill and his many defenders.

Taysom was responsible for multiple blunders in last week’s game against the Packers. This included two drive-killing mistakes and a fumble which swung the momentum completely to the side of the Packers.

The tone immediately turns more serious as this year’s draft becomes the topic of discussion. 2020 brought an incredibly deep wide receiver class and many, Aaron Rodgers included, thought the Packers would/should draft one of them. The team drafted none. This idea has been on many fans’ radar since the draft concluded but is especially relevant now that Alan Lazard is out for an indefinite amount of time.

The idea of drafting a wide receiver is not the “hot take”. The idea that people who agree with it are getting harassed online is the “hot take”.

Everything is explained in detail in this week’s episode of Hottest Take of the Week.
(Note, the video file randomly sped up and slowed down causing the audio to become wildly out of synch. There are many stretches where the video had to be replaced with a screenshot. This issue should not return after this week.)