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Thursday Cheese Curds: How Aaron Rodgers got his groove back

Rodgers is an early contender for MVP and deservedly so

Atlanta Falcons v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

If you Google “Green Bay Packers” right now, you’ll find a bevy of articles praising Aaron Rodgers for his sizzling start to the 2020 season.

Are you sick of seeing and reading those? Well you shouldn’t be but if you are, TOO BAD because today’s curds is another one of those.

The biggest question entering year two of the Matt LaFleur era ironically surrounded the Packers’ best player. With an arguably down year (which indeed would still be a career year for many quarterbacks) in 2019 and his heir apparent on the roster, how would Rodgers respond?

He responded by setting every narrative around him the last two years on fire along with the stat sheet.

His footwork is better, he’s not holding the ball, he’s in rhythm and *GASP!* he’s working within the structure of the offense.

Four weeks into the season, every question we had about Rodgers has been answered and answered resoundingly. He and LaFleur have meshed better than even the biggest optimist would have dreamed of and the offense is on a record pace because of it.

It indeed appears reports of Rodgers’ decline were greatly exaggerated and I don’t think anyone is complaining about it.

Now for the rest of today’s curds.

Packers analysis: Competitive fire, improved fundamentals have Aaron Rodgers on a roll—

Rodgers also mentioned on The Pat McAfee Show how much happier he is away from the field and how he’s achieved balance in his life. That plus improved mechanics have shot Rodgers back into the MVP conversation.

Green Bay Packers’ Robert Tonyan not surprised by Aaron Rodgers’ hot start—ESPN

The emergence of weapons like Robert Tonyan has also helped Rodgers’ fast start but the tight end knew this performance from QB1 was coming before the season even started.

TE Robert Tonyan emerging as key playmaker for Packers’ offense in Year 3–Packers Wire

We can’t get enough of Big Bob here at APC and neither can the Packers. Not since the early days of Jermichael Finley have the Packers had the weapon at tight end Tonyan has become. As the results indicate, his presence has opened up so many possibilities for the offense.

Packers see improvement on defense with room for more—

Early on it looked like the defense might be this Packers team’s Achilles’ heel but improvement the last two weeks gives some hope the unit can get where they need to be.

Bear wanders hallway of Colorado lodge—UPI

Hey, cut Khalil Mack some slack. He’s only recorded 1.5 sacks this season and guy has got to eat.