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Cheese Curds, 11/11: Packers’ passing game among NFL’s best at halfway point

Sure, they didn’t have their WR1 for two games or their WR2 for five games, but Matt LaFleur still has the Packers among the elite passing teams in the NFL.

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Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers’ passing game was, in a word, decent in 2019. Matt LaFleur’s arrival in Green Bay changed the offense very little from the 2018 version, at least in terms of the overall results; in both seasons, the Packers finished 10th in passing offense DVOA, while Aaron Rodgers maintained a passer rating in the high 90s.

2020, though? It’s a whole different ballgame.

While those last two years saw the DVOA sitting around 20%, this year the value is up to 47.5%, good for a third-place ranking. Rodgers’ passer rating is 117.5 — higher than any season in his career aside from 2011 — and his average net yards per attempt (or ANY/A) is 8.84, second to only Patrick Mahomes and with a cavernous gap down to third-place Ryan Tannehill and his 8.08 value.

Meanwhile, Davante Adams leads the NFL in every receiving category on a per-game basis. He may be trailing in some total counting stats categories due to missing two games to a hamstring injury, but at his current pace he’ll be at or right near the top of the receiving leaderboard if he remains healthy the rest of the way.

Truly, it has been an impressive change for a team that has had few new faces in the receiving corps. Creative game plans, a dominant WR1, and development from the team’s tight end group have been the driving forces behind this improvement, which has far outpaced even the steady increase in passing efficiency around the NFL. For example, week 9 was the best passing week in league history, but even so, Rodgers stayed well ahead of the league average pace.

Finally, and on a more serious note, today is Veteran’s Day here in the US, and we at Acme Packing Company want to say thank you to all of veterans for their service and sacrifice.

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