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Cheese Curds, 11/2: No rest for weary Packers’ run defense with 49ers on deck

Following a disastrous performance at home, the Packers have just three days off before a trip to their house of horrors in Santa Clara.

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Well, here we go again.

In 2019, it was the Green Bay Packers’ trips to California that exposed their greatest weaknesses. On Sunday, those weaknesses were on display at Lambeau Field for the world to see. The Packers’ embarrassing loss to the Vikings came just ahead of a short week that includes a long return road trip out West, back to the site of last year’s debacle in the NFC Championship Game.

Yes, the San Francisco 49ers are short-handed, hit hard by injuries on both sides of the football. Yes, they don’t have the running back who sliced and diced Mike Pettine’s defense last January to the tune of 220 rushing yards and four scores. But for many Packers fans, the lingering memories of last year’s two losses at Levi’s Stadium will be cause for trepidation, and rightfully so regardless of the personnel who take the field in red and gold on Thursday night.

Sorry, folks. Today’s curds won’t be fun.

Nothing’s comfortable in the NFC North for Packers |
The Packers were fortunate not to lose ground in the division this week, thanks to the Bears' overtime loss to the Saints. But with the Packers' inability to separate this week, it certainly looks like the two teams' late-season meetings will probably be a deciding factor in who gets the division title this year.

Loss to Vikings diminishes Packers' dominance of NFC North |
The Packers were undefeated in the NFC North in Matt LaFleur's first 8 games against division opponents. That streak came to a screeching halt yesterday.

Same old Packers defense exposed again in troubling loss to the Vikings - ESPN
200 total yards and four touchdowns by a running, this wasn't Raheem Mostert in the NFC Championship Game. The 49ers are on deck in just four days, though, and even without Mostert, the Packers have a tall task ahead of them to figure out how to avoid letting the 49ers run over them constantly yet again.

Mike Pettine on thin ice after another failed performance | Packers Wire
Is it possible that the Packers could make a midseason change at DC? It's unlikely, but after a game in which Montravius Adams -- one of the Packers' best interior run defenders -- got just six snaps, it's worth having the conversation.

Rodgers on Overturned PI Call: ‘Wasn’t Even Close’ |
The Packers didn't deserve to win yesterday -- let's be clear here. But the refs botched a blatant, obvious DPI against Minnesota on fourth down that should have kept a Packers drive alive, instead robbing them of a potential opportunity to get back in the game a bit sooner.

Scientists Think Beetle's Armor Could Provide Clues To Stronger Buildings | HuffPost
There's no word on whether it can be applied to stiffen a run defense, however.