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Friday Cheese Curds: The Packers will have an interesting chess match against the Colts defense

The elite Packers’ offense versus the premiere Colts’ defense. The cliches are right for once, as this will be a good one.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The unstoppable force meets the immovable object.

That phrase might be the best way to describe Sunday’s game between the Green Bay Packers and the Indianapolis Colts.

The matchup between the Packers offense and the Colts defense in particular will be fun to watch. Green Bay’s offense hasn’t faced a challenge quite like the Colts’ defense and vice versa:Indianapolis hasn’t seen anything quite like the Green Bay offense.

Something has to give. Both teams are nearly identical in DVOA with Green Bay 7th and the Colts 5th. The Packers will be looking to avoid a repeat of their loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and it will be interesting to watch how the team responds to any adversity and punches thrown their way early. If there’s been one disturbing trend of Matt LaFleur’s tenure, it’s that his teams often fold when they go down multiple scores early. That can’t happen if they want to beat the Colts.

Meanwhile the Colts are looking to separate themselves from the Tennessee Titans in the AFC South after the Titans got off to a fast start. The defense was mentioned above as being stout but what Philip Rivers has brought to the offense can’t be overlooked. Rivers has started feeling more comfortable in head coach Frank Reich’s scheme and the veteran quarterback is showing he still has what it takes.

Sunday should be a very exciting matchup and should be a good barometer for the Packers as they prepare for a playoff run.

Now for today’s curds.

Packers confident they can ‘make some noise’ against Colts’ top-ranked defense—

The Colts are solid at all three levels of the defense and like LaFleur’s offense, they tend to keep things simple and do those simple things really really well. It’s worked so far.

Good on good’: Colts’ defense a big test for Packers’ offense, and vice versa—

For the Packers, Sunday’s game represents a chance for LaFleur to correct some errors. The ill-advised receiver screens against Jacksonville won’t work against the speedier Colts defense. Thankfully the game is indoors so weather won’t play a role in that decision.

David Bakhtiari’s mega-contract means tough 2021 decisions, cuts for Packers—ESPN

Stop me if if you’ve heard this before: the Packers have some big decisions to make even with David Bakhtiari and Kenny Clark now under contract for the long haul.

Saints expected to start Taysom Hill at QB vs. Falcons—

If you’re going to pay Taysom Hill the kind of money the Saints are, you have to see if he can be your post-Drew Brees QB1. Sunday will provide the first real extended look at Hill as a traditional passer.

Puerto Rico Policeman Accused Of Robbing Home Depot While In Uniform—Huffington Post

Officers’ uniforms have their names on them in most places so this had to have been surprising on multiple levels.