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Holiday Season Begins Across New York City Area

Acme Packing Company Thanksgiving Meal Draft 2020

The Acme Packing crew is back for our annual Thanksgiving Draft.

Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images

It’s that time of year again! While Thanksgiving may look different for many of us this year, that didn’t stop the Acme Packing Company writers from holding another Thanksgiving Meal Draft. Last year’s was quite the success despite some not so successful picks and we were thrilled to do it again. Seven APC writers were able to participate this year through Discord, where we gave our reactions to each pick.

The rules for this year’s draft were a little different, allowing for all the staples plus a few more creative picks. The draft order was randomized beforehand and each participant was allowed to pick 1 main, 1 side, 1 dessert, and 1 drink. However, there was no set order to where each dish had to be picked. We’ve inserted a table at the end of the discussion to show everyone’s complete meals as well as a poll to vote for your favorite team.

Now that we’ve established the ground rules, let’s get to our picks! Below is the draft board and the final spreads for each writer. (Note that Paul Noonan and Peter Bukowski swapped first and second round picks.)

Thanksgiving Meal Draft Teams

Author Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
Author Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
Matub Homestyle Mac & Cheese Bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin Pumpkin Roll WINE
Paul *traded to Buko* Mashed Potatoes *traded to Buko* Pecan pie Trader Joe's Spatchcocked Lemon Rosemary chicken Collard greens
Tex Stuffing (specifically cornbread/sausage stuffing) Whisk(e)y Roast duck Apple crisp
Jon Ham Potatoes Au Gratin Pumpkin Pie Milk
Rcon Sweet potato casserole Pumpkin bars w/ cream cheese frosting Prime Rib Double Moscow Mule
Bukowski *traded to Paul* Brandy Old Fashioned, Sweet *traded to Paul* Apple Pie a la mode, baked in a paper bag Beer Grilled white meat turkey
Voight Dark Meat Green Bean Casserole Apple Cider Cheesecake

Final Spreads

  • Matub: Bacon-wrapped tenderloin, homestyle mac & cheese, pumpkin roll, & wine
  • Paul: Spatchcocked lemon rosemary chicken, collard greens, apple pie (in a paper bag) a la mode, & brandy Old Fashioned, sweet
  • Tex: Roast duck, stuffing, apple crisp, & whisk(e)y
  • Jon: Ham, potatoes au gratin, pumpkin pie, & milk
  • Rcon: Prime rib, sweet potato casserole, pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting, & double Moscow Mule
  • Peter Bukowski: Grilled white meat turkey, mashed potatoes, pecan pie, & beer
  • Peter Voight: Dark meat turkey, green bean casserole, cheesecake, & apple cider


Whose Thanksgiving Meal is the best?

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  • 15%
    (23 votes)
  • 5%
    (9 votes)
  • 18%
    (28 votes)
  • 5%
    (8 votes)
  • 11%
    (18 votes)
  • 28%
    (43 votes)
  • 15%
    (23 votes)
152 votes total Vote Now

Below, we’ll run through the entire draft chat, complete with everyone’s reactions and takes on the various picks.

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 01:33 PM

What’s up everybody! Welcome to the 2020 Acme Packing Thanksgiving Food Draft! We’ll be selecting 1 main course, 1 side, 1 dessert, and 1 drink today. The readers will then decide whose team is best. I’ve randomized the draft order and it came out like this.

1. Matt

2. Paul

3. Evan

4. Jon

5. Rcon

6. Peter B

7. Peter V

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 01:34 PM

This draft order is bullshit

Matub 24-Nov-20 01:35 PM

you’re bullshit

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 01:35 PM

That’s beside the point

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 01:35 PM


jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 01:35 PM

don’t worry, nobody else is taking spanakopita

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 01:35 PM

Are we snake, or not?

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 01:36 PM

Mistakes were made Jon

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 01:36 PM

Yep, snake

jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 01:36 PM

woo, right in the middle, like I’m sure my draft will end up being rated

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 01:36 PM

Peter, I’ll swap if you want.

first and 2nd round

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 01:37 PM

Pick trades! I love it!

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 01:37 PM

I do better with the undervalued assets you tend to get at the back of drafts, and enjoy the snake

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 01:37 PM

Done and done

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 01:37 PM


Matub 24-Nov-20 01:37 PM

wait what

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 01:37 PM

THE FIRST TRADE! Things are already intense

Also I know @TexWestern mentioned it but before we start, white and dark meat turkey are indeed separate options.

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 01:39 PM

Justice for dark meat

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 01:39 PM

As they should be since dark meat is passable and white meat is a trash meet

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 01:39 PM

got eem!

Matub 24-Nov-20 01:40 PM

what’s the timer start?


Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 01:42 PM


Just trying to build suspense

rcon14 24-Nov-20 01:43 PM

ope sorry I’m late

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 01:44 PM

Eastern elitists and their time zone

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 01:44 PM


jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 01:44 PM

I hate it in the eastern time zone, for the record

Matub 24-Nov-20 01:44 PM


rcon14 24-Nov-20 01:44 PM

Central time really is the best time zone

football starts at noon

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 01:45 PM

Fwiw, I agree but now that I’m in eastern, I’m forced to go with it

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 01:45 PM

The best time zone is wherever it is 5:00 at any given moment

Matub 24-Nov-20 01:45 PM

football at 11 is better because you go to the bar for breakfast and you’re done eating before kickoff. then you have lunch at halftime

rcon14 24-Nov-20 01:45 PM

that’s what college football is for

Matub 24-Nov-20 01:45 PM

college football is bad

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 01:45 PM

Ok! So without further ado, @Matub you are on the clock

Matub 24-Nov-20 01:45 PM

don’t @ me

jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 01:45 PM

I eat lunch whenever I want

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 01:46 PM

College football is great if you’re a Bama fan

jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 01:46 PM

the time zone is not the boss of me

Matub 24-Nov-20 01:46 PM


Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 01:46 PM


Matub 24-Nov-20 01:46 PM


Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 01:46 PM

Bread crumbs on mac and cheese are trash!

Matub 24-Nov-20 01:46 PM

do we have a google doc set up like last year?

rcon14 24-Nov-20 01:47 PM

Peter that take is unacceptable

jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 01:47 PM

Very analyst voice: “You know, a lot of people look at mac and cheese as a main in a lot of situations, but it’ll be really interesting to see how Matub plays this. He gets some real positional value here and can see what the board brings him later on.”

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 01:47 PM

2nd year in a row for Mac and Cheese

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 01:47 PM

Yep, @TexWestern set it up

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 01:48 PM

Mac and Cheese is versatile, a high-floor accutrement for adults and a go-to for annoying children who don’t like anything else

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 01:48 PM

@Peter Bukowski is up, with @BadgerNoonan’s pick

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 01:48 PM

When done well sans bechamel it can be truly inspired, and if you’ve never had high end with truffle oil, you’re missing out

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 01:48 PM

Trading away the 2nd overall is a bold move but @BadgerNoonan really felt like he needed to fill out his roster this year

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 01:48 PM

Mac n cheese is an unassailable pick

Matub 24-Nov-20 01:49 PM

baked mac is the Andrew Luck of picks

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 01:49 PM

Also, my dorrbell just rang so tha ttrade is already paying off

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 01:50 PM

I’m going Mashed Potatoes here. It’s a high upside pick with tons of utility and reheats as well as anything on the plate for leftovers

rcon14 24-Nov-20 01:50 PM

Peter taking a guard in the top 5

jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 01:50 PM

This seems like a reach

rcon14 24-Nov-20 01:51 PM

no wonder he had Quinten Nelson ranked so high in that class’ re-draft

Matub 24-Nov-20 01:51 PM

Mashed potatoes went first round last year.

and was considered a good pick

4th overall 2019

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 01:51 PM

Great pick. Are the fans gonna go crazy? Maybe not, but it’s the type of foundational piece you need

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 01:51 PM

I don’t think I could have gotten them at 6 so I’m happy with the trade

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 01:52 PM

Feeling good about my tradeback

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 01:52 PM

lol shadddde

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 01:52 PM

Mashed potatoes are like the poor man’s mac and cheese

The Darius Miles to Matub’s Kevin Garnett

The Darrius Shepherd to MAtub’s Tyler ERvin

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 01:53 PM


BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 01:53 PM

This is a great pick obviously

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 01:53 PM

as in stuffing made with cornbread

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 01:53 PM

The sides are FLYING off the board

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 01:53 PM

not cornbread AND stuffing

Matub 24-Nov-20 01:53 PM

sides are the main attraction. the turkey is an afterthought

rcon14 24-Nov-20 01:53 PM

the stuffing pick is highly dependent on what you’re using and I think Tex made a solid choice here

Matub 24-Nov-20 01:53 PM

everyone knows this.

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 01:53 PM


Sausage stuffing is the greatest stuffing.

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 01:54 PM

Stuffing was my close second pick, but it’s trickier on reheat.

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 01:54 PM

stuffing waffles for breakfast on Friday

I win

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 01:54 PM

Stuffing > French Fries and should come in a paper sleeve at every McDonald’s

Matub 24-Nov-20 01:54 PM’re welcome for that tip @TexWestern

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 01:55 PM

So does this pick cover all stuffing, or just that specific stuffing

Matub 24-Nov-20 01:55 PM


TexWestern 24-Nov-20 01:55 PM

@Peter Voight ? ruling?

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 01:55 PM

I feel like we have to just make it all stuffing

Tex is specifying his preference

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 01:56 PM

Yeah I’m gonna say it’s all stuffing. They’re all fairly similar

rcon14 24-Nov-20 01:56 PM

I think to avoid confusion and to keep people from selecting their preferred stuffing, that is the correct choice

Matub 24-Nov-20 01:56 PM

oh baby no. what is you doin @Peter Voight

rcon14 24-Nov-20 01:56 PM

otherwise people will just be like “I’ll take Miami Heat LeBron” “okay I’ll take Cleveland round 2 LeBron”

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 01:56 PM

This right here ^^^

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 01:56 PM

That’s fine, I just like to understand the rules properly.

I’m not the Milwaukee Bucks over here

rcon14 24-Nov-20 01:57 PM


jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 01:57 PM

Somewhat surprisingly, I come to my pick with the top of the board intact. And after a debate between this and my top dessert, I’m going with my top main. With the fourth overall pick, I’m taking the King of Thanksgiving main dishes: Ham.

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 01:57 PM

I’ll definitely take Cleveland round 2 LeBron tho. Just so we are clear

Matub 24-Nov-20 01:57 PM

I choose Toronto Raptors Giannis

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 01:57 PM


rcon14 24-Nov-20 01:57 PM

I’ll punch you through this screen Matt

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 01:57 PM


rcon14 24-Nov-20 01:57 PM

also, Jon gets the best Thanksgiving main

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 01:57 PM

Ham!!! The king of thanksgiving. Doesn’t get the respect it deserves

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 01:58 PM


rcon14 24-Nov-20 01:58 PM

was really hoping it would fall

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 01:58 PM

It’s just ham guys

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 01:58 PM

Jon Hamm’s john ham

Matub 24-Nov-20 01:58 PM

jon picked the only good main dish


rcon14 24-Nov-20 01:58 PM


Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 01:59 PM

WAIT. Are we considering dressing and stuffing to be different things? Because they are to me but idk how you guys roll

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 01:59 PM

Those are the same thing in this house

However I am happy to pick the same thing again using a technicality

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:00 PM

yeah, agreed. All stuffing/dressing off the board

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:01 PM

thought for next year: allow multiple types of stuffing and extend the draft 1 round

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:01 PM

Ok I will allow it. @rcon14 is on the clock

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:01 PM

eliminate stuffing from sides and give it its own category

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:01 PM

With my first pick I’m going to select: Sweet Potatoes w/brown sugar and marshmallows... It provides me with some versatility as both a dessert and side dish with the marshmallow component. It is easily my favorite part of thanksgiving. I was hoping to pair it with ham as getting some of the brown sugar from the sweet potatoes on the ham is a Rodgers/Nelson combo, but it works perfectly fine on its own

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:01 PM

...are you from minnesota?

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:02 PM

Elite pick going with sweet potato casserole

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:02 PM

Eau Claire is damn near Minnesota so

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:02 PM

A flex pick

Yeah, you’re pretty much my neighbor

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:03 PM

My dad’s ex girlfriend is from Eau Claire. She was definitely “minnesota nice”

jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 02:03 PM

Sweet potato casserole is a pretty good value pick at 5, I think.

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:03 PM

That’s a solid pick, I was hoping to nab it with my early 2nd

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:03 PM

Two desserts for @rcon14. Can’t disagree with the strategy

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:03 PM

So I’m up eh?

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:04 PM

Really an Isaiah Simmons type pick. You gotta know how to use it or there’s no point

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:05 PM

Look, we’re doing the responsible thing and staying at our place, no relatives, no big huge house clean, prep, etc. This will be relaxing, and I will be the only one of us that has.

Brandy Old Fashioned, Sweet

There are 4 categories here people. Maybe work on your relative positional values



TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:05 PM

Yep. Top beverage off the board

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:06 PM

alcohol are runningbacks. You can find something to get you drunk at any level of the draft

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:06 PM

Ham is the only main worthy of a high pick. I don’t dislike jon’s choice to take it early

it’s like taking an ok qb top 10

you reach when there isn’t anything available

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:07 PM

big positional scarcity on mains

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:07 PM


jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 02:07 PM

I don’t drink, so there’s nothing of any positional value there. My wife’s roster of elite desserts goes 15 deep, so I got picks for days there. I’m the least picky person in the world on sides. Getting the best main is the only pick that makes sense.

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:07 PM

Alcohol are wide receivers. Super important, offering divers and complementary skillsets, and necessary for success

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:08 PM

Man I can already feel pressure with this pick. And I have to go back to back.

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:08 PM

back to back is a rough spot because you’re setting up what scarcity is going to exist in the next round

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:08 PM

shoutouts to Voight changing his nickname mid-draft to screw up the chat log

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:09 PM

Lol i figured I’d write it up so it’ll be ok

I don’t see it being popular in the chat, but with the last pick of the first round, I’m going Dark Meat Turkey

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:09 PM

Solid pick.


Left tackle

Valuable, better than the guard of white meat turkey

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:10 PM

It may not be as healthy, but I think I just want flavor at this point. I see this like Linsley. He’s integral to what I’m doing but he’s not gonna get the love he deserves.

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:10 PM

Yep. It had to go R1

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:10 PM


Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:11 PM

And now I don’t have to worry about more obscure main dishes. With my next pick, give me Green Bean Casserole!

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:11 PM

A polarizing selection.

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:11 PM

I know this will be unpopular but I think GBC is gross af

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:11 PM

In that I know many of you like it, but I do not

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:11 PM

whattup rcon!

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:11 PM

hoooo boy. Gonna be takes flying now!

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:11 PM

Yeah, Rcon is right

It’s bad

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:11 PM

I’m probably the only one who thinks GBC is... fine

don’t love it, don’t hate it

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:12 PM

I’m here to please the fans. New guy like me has to start off on the right foot and I can feel this being big with the voters.

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:12 PM

“I think it’s fine” - Gute picking an H back in the third round

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:12 PM

I don’t think it’s gross, I just don’t think it deserves to take up valuable real estate when I could have stuffing and mashed potatoes and mac n’ cheese on the plate instead

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:12 PM

The peak of 80s “let’s dump a shitload of Cream of Mushroom soup on this and see what happens” cuisine

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:13 PM

hey now, don’t attack my mom like that, Paul

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:13 PM

Alright, with Peter’s 2nd round pick, I’m taking “Apple Pie a la Mode, preferable baked in a paper bag”

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:13 PM

How dare you. If your casserole is too soupy, you need to reevaluate

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:13 PM

I swear to god her pantry was a never ending assortment of “Cream of (Some type of food here)”

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:13 PM

It’s the best pie

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:13 PM

Can’t hate on apple pie. Just makes sense here

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:13 PM

And the best desert

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:13 PM

that and sweetened condensed milk

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:13 PM

And who cares about main foods if you have an old fashioned and apple pie

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:13 PM

Hell yeah

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:14 PM

regular vanilla or french vanilla?

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:14 PM

It’s not like it got worse since last year

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:14 PM

this distinction is important

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:14 PM

Regular, but like, the breyers where you can see the bean fleck

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:14 PM

Purple Door vanilla imo

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:14 PM

That’ll play

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:14 PM

i’ll allow it but the correct answer was French

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:15 PM

Sorry if I’m an iconoclast Ryan damn

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:15 PM

French vanilla is just regular vanilla that hangs around with custard talking about how it almost banged starwberry to get into the cool kids club.

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:15 PM


rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:15 PM


Matub 24-Nov-20 02:15 PM

French Vanilla is regular vanilla but it smokes American Spirits

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:16 PM

Whoever is running the no context APC account has so much material right now

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:16 PM

For my 2nd pick, I’m going to take Pumpkin Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting. There is more flavor here than with pumpkin pie, which is just glorified orange whip topping, and the cream cheese and sugar frosting brings it home. Instead of eating shitty pumpkin pie, get yourself some delicious pumpkin bars

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:16 PM

I’m kinda banking on Voight just copy/pasting the chat log

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:16 PM

That’s a great spin to improve pumpkin pie

Love it

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:17 PM

Wow OK, so does this keep pumpkin pie available?

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:17 PM

Cream cheese frosting improves pretty much anything, from brownies to cinnamon rolls


rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:17 PM

pumpkin pie still available

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:17 PM

Basically my plan yeah. I’ll clean it up a bit

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:17 PM

Something needs to go last

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:17 PM

they are very distinct things

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:17 PM

clean up deez nuts

Meerdink chillin in the back just waiting on his picks. He’s basically the opposite of the Vikings

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:18 PM

That’s 2 deez nuts jokes so far and we’re not even through 2 rounds. Let’s see how many we can get

jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 02:18 PM

I gotta say, I like how the board has been breaking for me

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:18 PM

lol i love my andy benoit emote

jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 02:19 PM

I got my preferred main and now I get my top side: Creamy au Gratin Potatoes

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:19 PM

Great one. Not a Thanksgiving food in my house, but a great one.

jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 02:19 PM

You can say I’m a meat and potatoes guy, and you would be correct

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:19 PM

ohhh man that’s good

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:19 PM

Yeah, that’s a good get this late

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:20 PM

I wish I liked au gratin potatoes more, but I respect the pick as a largely good one

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:20 PM

Though I was hoping they might fall to the 3rd

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:20 PM

inb4 Buko picks greek salad or some random crap we’ve never heard of at the bottom of round 2 (edited)

jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 02:20 PM

I see this a lot and I get it, but they’ve been a staple for us for a long time, and my father-in-law obsesses over them, so I get them no matter where we’re eating

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:20 PM

My mom used to make a great au gratin potato dish with ham using chunky frozen hash browns in a peak early 90’s move.

jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 02:21 PM

I also get this, tbh. I can legitimately see people not liking them.

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:21 PM

All righty. For my second-round pick, which I’m afraid of Bukowski grabbing after me, I’m gonna make sure I have my preferred choice of alcoholic beverage

Whiskey/whisky. And I’m drinking it neat.

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:21 PM


Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:21 PM

Matub can keep the peanut butter bourbon though

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:21 PM

I mean, who is going to argue with that.

It’s good, I got some.

Put it in my coffee

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:22 PM

I am RUNNING to the podium to select Pecan Pie.

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:22 PM

Start with a good, smooth bourbon to prep for dinner, maybe Willett? Then fire up a good spicy rye with dinner and finish off with a highland scotch to pair with dessert

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:24 PM

To end the 2nd round I choose Bacon-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin as my main dish

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:24 PM

We should probably talk about Pecan Pie

Or that

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:24 PM

I’ll say it. Pecan pie is very overrated

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:24 PM

did everyone see my pick or...

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:24 PM

Oh yeah, Pecan pie. I generally am not a fan of tree nuts, so I’ll pass

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:25 PM

oh Matub UNREAL pick

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:25 PM

Pecan Pie is fine, but it’s a pudding masquerading as pie

jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 02:25 PM

I like pecan pie a lot. Took it as my dessert last year.

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:25 PM

It also reminds me of Spongebob but i could be alone there

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:25 PM

And yes, Matt, very nice

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:25 PM

If you get more creative with the crust flavoring, Pecan Pie has a high ceiling

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:25 PM

That’s why Main isn’t as scarce as people think.

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:25 PM

it falls into the pifalls of most pies where the crust just isn’t flavorful enough

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:25 PM

I make a bourbon pecan pie that is delicious and it’s a uniquely thanksgiving dish. You don’t really have it other times of the year unless you’re at a fancy-ish southern restaurant

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:25 PM

There are a lof of non-traditionals, almost all superior to the traditionals.

If you’re picking from the big 5 at main, you’re missing out

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:26 PM

Last year I was told that I botched my dessert pick. This year I’m going to take a page out of rcon’s book and choose an alternate to pumpkin pie (which is generally not very good).

Pumpkin Roll Cake.

jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 02:27 PM


BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:27 PM

That looks perfectly serviceable

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:27 PM

I truly don’t know what that is. But it looks great

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:27 PM

I accept

jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 02:27 PM

Yeah, those rolls are good

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:27 PM

think of it as a pumpkin-flavored swiss cake roll that’s the size of a newborn

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:28 PM


rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:28 PM

pumpkin roll cake is gooooooooood

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:28 PM

Soo here’s the thing about this pick: second-last pick on the board next round, I don’t think I’m going to like my options and I have a wonderful fall-back for that pick so I’m going to be controversial

Give me White Meat Turkey from the grill.

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:28 PM

Are you up?

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:28 PM

ruh roh

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:28 PM

Oh shit no just round 1 and 2

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:28 PM

Paul is up. The trade was only round 1 and 2

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:28 PM


rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:28 PM

Did Bukowski just tamper?

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:28 PM

I did

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:29 PM


BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:29 PM

You lose Bogdan now

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:29 PM

daaaamn. No Bogdan for you

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:29 PM

I get Bogdon

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:29 PM

ah beat me to it

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:29 PM

we are all in so much pain

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:29 PM


BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:29 PM

And have to give Pat Connaughton an extra year

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:29 PM

Paul, @loco_pabs has requested you record yourself pronouncing Connaughton

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:29 PM

But keeping the big ragu is always good

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:29 PM

I am taking a Trader Joe’s Spatchcocked Lemon Rosemary chicken

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:29 PM

I ever looked at the thing going OK cool, I’m next, even though I’m not

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:30 PM

Chicken, you see, is better than turkey

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:30 PM

I generally like my shooting guards to be able to, ya know, shoot

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:30 PM

mmmmm spatchcock

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:30 PM

And has all teh same parts

Like dark meat

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:30 PM

spatchcocked is the move

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:30 PM

Spatchcock is the ONLY way to correctly put a large bird in the oven

jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 02:30 PM

spatchcocked is just a fun word, too

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:30 PM

Instead of getting up early to baste the sunnovabitch or brine it or soem shit, it’s all there for you

also that

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:31 PM

Well let’s keep the bird theme going. I’m taking Roast Duck

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:31 PM


Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:31 PM

Damn great one — though I’d have gone pan seared

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:31 PM

good call

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:31 PM

I respect it though

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:32 PM

Get a little bit of a balsamic vinegar/lemon juice/honey glaze going

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:33 PM

Could even go some sort of wine reduction if you’re feeling frisky

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:33 PM

butternut reduction is a banger

jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 02:34 PM

Well, looks like I get my top choice again somehow. I get the hate, but it’s a seasonal classic and great to eat just a little too much of: Pumpkin Pie.

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:34 PM

I get it

jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 02:34 PM

Whipped cream and pumpkin pie is a good capper for me after the slightly salt-heavy combo of ham and au gratin potatoes

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:34 PM

you kinda gotta take it

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:34 PM

It’s good value here

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:34 PM

strong table for Jon, for sure

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:34 PM


its barely even pumpkin

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:35 PM

Yeah I love it. Any excuse to have whipped cream really

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:35 PM

cool hhhwhip

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:36 PM

say whip

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:36 PM


jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 02:36 PM

I’m not drafting it because of how closely it represents the ingredient it’s supposedly made of. I’m drafting it because it tastes good

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:36 PM

Perfectly reasonable

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:37 PM

For my third pick, I will be selecting: Prime rib, medium/medium-rare. The traditional mains kind of suck and prime rib is actually something that we normally use at my mom’s because the other Thanksgivings we go to already wear you out on the traditional stuff. Strongly recommend.

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:37 PM


man I haven’t seen a family guy episode in years

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:37 PM

Freakin rockafeller over here with his prime rib.

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:37 PM

Great call. Prime rib was the other main I was considering in place of duck

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:37 PM

and French vanilla only

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:38 PM

and you picked the correct temperature as well

jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 02:38 PM

Dang, I want to go to Ryan’s house, which is presumably an entire floor at the top of a very tall building or a castle

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:38 PM

lol we don’t host Thanksgiving normally, not yet

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:38 PM

>not yet

is that a threat?

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:38 PM

Prime rib is elitist... but fantastic

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:39 PM

If Buko ever writes a book this will be the quote on the front flap

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:39 PM

/looks down on the plebes

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:40 PM

buko’s been typing for a WHILE

jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 02:40 PM

my major conclusion from this draft is that I am hungry

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:40 PM

This sets me up in perfect position to take the one beverage without which Thanksgiving would not be possible: Beer. Preferably an assortment of local brews (Riverwest Stein, New Glarus etc) along with iconoclast favorites like Miller Lite.

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:40 PM

must be drafting war and peace for his main dish

hold up. Last year we separated beers

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:41 PM

rofl and he ended up taking beer

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:41 PM

I think that’s because the first person to choose beer last year chose a specific kind


And he specifically picked Spotted Cow

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:42 PM

I specifically avoided this pitfall. Because if I take Spotted Cow for example, Tex could just take Moon Man and then it’s chaos.

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:42 PM

learned his lesson, I see

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:42 PM

Right. gotta keep things simple

jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 02:42 PM

I think we have to go with the stuffing rules here

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:42 PM

Yeah I really fucked up my draft last year.

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:42 PM

buko def gets most improved drafter

jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 02:43 PM

to be fair, your very off-board main still sounded good iirc

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:43 PM

The irony is my very first APC post was comparing quarterbacks to fast food

It was a fucking food post

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:43 PM

Matt Ryan is a mcdonalds french fry you find when you’re cleaning your car.

How old is it?

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:43 PM

Holy crap

What if NFL quarterbacks were fast food chains?

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:43 PM

Honestly still the best thing I’ve done for this website

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:43 PM

Can I eat it?

then you eat it anyway and it’s not the worst thing ever

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:44 PM

I still take umbrage with your Arby’s slander

but that’s a discussion for another day

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:44 PM

Arby’s gets so much absurd hate

Ok I’m going with Apple Cider with this pick. Seems like everyone is going alcohol but I like to make things accessible. Fun for the whole family if you will.

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:44 PM

Nothing matters. We’re all gonna die. Enjoy arbys

you’re still up there pee vee

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:45 PM

I didn’t think enough about dessert, im gonna be honest

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:46 PM

Are we counting cranberry sauce as a dessert or is it just a topping

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:46 PM

its a side

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:46 PM

it was a draftable item last year as a side, I believe

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:46 PM

yeah, definitely side IMO

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:47 PM

then Burke drafted cheesecake WITH cranberry as a dessert

we allowed it because...ew

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:47 PM

Ok I’m going with Cheesecake. Just plain. dress it up however you want. Nothing matters.

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:48 PM

eat at arby’s

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:48 PM

YES. Embrace nihilism

Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:48 PM

Pumpkin cheesecake is good tbh

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:48 PM

I should’ve put more thought into this part but desserts are the worst part of the meal. Don’t @ me

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:48 PM

@Matub we need an Arby’s emote here

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:49 PM

workin on it

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:49 PM

Buko needs checks notes a main


Peter Bukowski 24-Nov-20 02:50 PM

OK so I tampered, there will be an investigation

But I still get my grilled turkey (white meat)

Would I have preferred dark meat? Yes. But when you grill it does it matter as much? No. If you’ve never grilled a turkey, fucking try it. Delicious.

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:50 PM

Pete has the meat

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:51 PM

Pete’s Meat is the unfortunate follow-up single by mc chris to his smash hit Fett’s Vette

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:51 PM


otherwise known as MC Pee Pants

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:52 PM

ATHF reference. nice

ngl to you guys, my entire draft strategy was predicated on beer not being a single item. i’m still lost on drink choice

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:53 PM

With my final pick I will be selecting a Double Moscow Mule. It is a light and refreshing drink, which plays as a counter to the heavier foods on my plate. The lime and ginger flavoring are clean and won’t add to the disaster occurring in the gut, whilst taking the edge off for everyone as we deal with family members we generally like but who can also get on our nerves (during normal years)

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:54 PM

I’m now remembering multiple desserts I could’ve chosen. No Ragrets tho

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:54 PM

That’s a solid call. Good work going for balance

And who doesn’t love a copper mug?

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 02:55 PM

amen to that

jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 02:55 PM

I once did a 5k where the finisher medal was a moscow mule mug

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:55 PM

This bar in Eau Claire does a free Mega Mule on your birthday if you bring 6 friends

it’s a 60 dollar drink normally

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:55 PM

(This is also the only way I consume vodka)

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:55 PM

Me. I don’t love copper mugs because I have like 10 of them in my house and they have to be hand washed and MY WIFE USES THEM ALL THE GODDAMN TIME

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:55 PM

Moscow Mule is perfect. With the prime rib? Delicious

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:55 PM

because it’s an entire bottle of vodka

jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 02:56 PM

whew, that’ll do it

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:56 PM

This is a very “Wisconsin bar” thing to do

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 02:56 PM

6 friends? Can’t relate

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:56 PM

and you get a bunch of straws

jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 02:56 PM

For my drink I choose Milk because it is boring and my drink preferences are boring

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:56 PM

pre-COVID, it was the best place to start your birthday going out experience

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:57 PM

I believe Jon also had milk last year

jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 02:57 PM

He did

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:57 PM

Jon speaks of himself in the third person. Matub approves

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:57 PM

But Jon has pumpkin pie, so milk is practically a necessity

Matub 24-Nov-20 02:58 PM

oh snap, I think i’m the only one left who needs a drink

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:58 PM

Jon started out strong with Ham, but pumpkin pie and milk is a rough finish

milk is too filling for Thanksgiving

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 02:59 PM

So for my final pick, which fills the dessert category, I want something with a smidge of nutritional value, as I have no fruit or vegetable on the table yet. So let’s go with something that will pair nicely with a good dram of whiskey: Apple Crisp

rcon14 24-Nov-20 02:59 PM

Apple Crisp: great pick

super high value in R4

jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 02:59 PM

Drafting milk makes sense for me, though, because it fills a need in my system that you don’t have in yours. Kyle Juszczyk is useless on like 30 NFL teams but he works for the 49ers

Matub 24-Nov-20 03:00 PM

from @loco_pabs in voice chat: While it is a good pick, don’t try to prop it up with the “nutritional value” crutch. This is thanksgiving.

“If you’re concerned about being healthy, go for a 5k before”

rcon14 24-Nov-20 03:01 PM

also, hilarious that we’re pretending apples doused in enough sugar for a cake is “nutritional”

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 03:01 PM

hah. Fair. I do enjoy having some form of fruit or vegetable on the table though, so I’ll still stand by that

Matub 24-Nov-20 03:01 PM

@BadgerNoonan you’re up

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 03:01 PM

Collard Greens!

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 03:02 PM

Steal of the draft

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 03:02 PM

learned how to make them last year and they’re fantastic.

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 03:02 PM

I mean, I guess that’s a choice you can make

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 03:02 PM


TexWestern 24-Nov-20 03:02 PM

then again I just tried to play off apple crisp as having nutritional value, so I’ll shut up

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 03:02 PM

Woah we are not going to disrespect collard greens

rcon14 24-Nov-20 03:02 PM

Paul just drafted a punter

jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 03:02 PM

brussels sprouts still on the board

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 03:02 PM

long-snapper IMO

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 03:03 PM

With some bacon, maybe some ham in there. Top tier side

Matub 24-Nov-20 03:03 PM

For my final pick, I choose: Wine. Since Peter got to take ALL BEER for his drink, I am taking ALL WINE for my pick. This allows the choice of a Pinot Noir to pair perfectly with my tenderloin and a mild semi-sweet white to go along with my dessert. If you are @jonmeerdink and don’t drink, you can go with a non-alcohlic alternative taht is also served to the children. I invite everyone in chat to suck it as I have taken ALL OF WINE with the final pick in the draft

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 03:03 PM

I mean I took all of whisk(e)y. It’s the right call. And a steal at the final pick

jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 03:04 PM

This is a good pick!

Complementary value to your tenderloin is excellent

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 03:04 PM

I gotta ask... does anyone here eat creamed peas for holidays?

I wanted to pick it as my side but I was afraid of the backlash

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 03:04 PM

Matub 24-Nov-20 03:04 PM


rcon14 24-Nov-20 03:04 PM

what the hell is that

Matub 24-Nov-20 03:04 PM

!ban PV

Nightbot BOT 24-Nov-20 03:04 PM

is pretend banning PV. It’s not real, but it makes Matub feel better.

TexWestern 24-Nov-20 03:04 PM

give me creamed corn before creamed peas

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 03:04 PM

Oh god it’s happening

jonmeerdink 24-Nov-20 03:04 PM

what are creamed peas

Matub 24-Nov-20 03:04 PM

!8ball is Voight the worst person ever?

Nightbot BOT 24-Nov-20 03:04 PM

You may rely on it

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 03:05 PM

Sorry, I got a phone call.

You people are far too dismissive of collard greens, which are an elite side in basically any situation.

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 03:05 PM

I make them for every single holiday. Literally just peas, cream, butter, and flour

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 03:05 PM

But I knew you would be, which allowed me to anchor a strong draft with them.

Matub 24-Nov-20 03:06 PM

Alrighty folks, I had scheduled 45 minutes for this and we are 45 minutes over that. Gotta hop off.

BadgerNoonan 24-Nov-20 03:06 PM

So thank you for playing into my hands, bwa hahaha

Yah, same

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 03:06 PM

And however you want to spice it but that’s about it. Baby food to some. Elite side to me.

Matub 24-Nov-20 03:06 PM

tl;dr I win and Peter Voight just lost post-draft even mentioning creamed peas

Peter Voight 24-Nov-20 03:06 PM

I may delete that from the article...

But on that note, we can wrap it up. Thank you all for joining us today and reading whatever the hell this was.

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