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Friday Cheese Curds: How “keep it simple, stupid” might save the Packers’ defense

Players have been meeting with Mike Pettine to urge simpler game plans involving more blitzes. It paid off with seven sacks on Sunday

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Green Bay Packers Appleton Post-Crescent-USA TODAY NETWORK

While the Green Bay Packers gear up for another playoff run, the realists among their passionate fan base have basically come to the same conclusion.

If the defense doesn’t step it up a notch or two, the Packers likely won’t get where they want to go.

Judging by the performance against the Philadelphia Eagles, the floodgates may be opening for Mike Pettine’s group and this would be a good thing.

Fresh off a seven sack game versus an admittedly weak Eagles offense, there is reason for optimism and it has nothing to do with the quality of last week’s opponents.

Members of the defense met with Pettine to explain frustrations and urge their coordinator to do one thing: keep it simple.

Keeping it simple was something Pettine preached upon arriving in Green Bay but for whatever reason players were getting bogged down and not allowed to just hunt the quarterback like they did last year.

If Pettine can drop the cute stuff (like dropping Preston Smith into coverage, which I still can’t believe is/was a thing), this defense is much better off.

The bottom line is Pettine is coaching for his job the rest of the season. There is way too much invested on that side of the ball to simply be mediocre.

Keep it simple, Mike. Otherwise you might need to keep your resume close at hand.

Now for today’s curds.

Mike Pettine, Packers’ defense opens the door to more sacks, big plays—ESPN

Pettine does deserve credit for having an open door and listening to his players. He isn’t forcing his scheme down players’ throats like his predecessor Dom Capers did. That said it’s a results business and the results have not been there consistently this season.

Raven Greene’s injury opens door for rookie linebacker Kamal Martin to make an impact—

Martin was a star of training camp before an ankle injury sidelined him but the little we’ve seen from him so far show he might be part of the solution for fixing Green Bay’s dime defense.

‘Unsung heroes’ on Packers’ offensive line have made Aaron Rodgers’ life easier—

You really can’t sing the praises of the Green Bay offensive line enough. Constantly moving parts often doom a line but it has brought out the best for the Packers. A big tip of the hat to offensive line coach Adam Stenavich.

Here’s why Aaron Rodgers went to Carson Wentz at conclusion of Packers’ Week 13 win over Eagles—CBS Sports

As one of the elder statesmen of quarterbacks, Aaron Rodgers showed tremendous class in immediately seeking out Carson Wentz after he was benched during Sunday’s game. Wentz’s regression has been puzzling and good on Rodgers for encouraging the downtrodden player.

Shopping centre staff fail to spot massive mistake in their Christmas display—Daily Mirror

Satan, Santa. Maybe those kids who are screaming in Santa’s lap are on to something.