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Thursday Cheese Curds: Aaron Rodgers silencing one last critic—Father Time

As he turns 37, the Packers quarterback continues to turn the clock back

NFL: Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Rodgers heard all the criticism.

He’s washed. He’s past his prime. He’s on the decline. He’s still good but not THAT good.

Just like he did early in his career, he’s still silencing the doubters a day after his 37th birthday.

Rodgers is experiencing a late career resurgence after a relatively brutal (for him) three-year stretch. Sharp decline in Rodgers’ efficiency and accuracy had drawn criticism from all corners and arguably played a role in the Packers drafting his potential replacement this spring in Jordan Love.

Well if Rodgers’ 2020 performance is any indication, the two-time MVP is back in business and Love will be on the bench for a while. In his second year in head coach Matt LaFleur’s system, Rodgers has returned to peak form and the offense is arguably the best in the NFL.

Debate over a lack of weapons has been rendered moot as Rodgers has been as surgical as he’s been since his last MVP season in 2014 and is making a strong case for his third award. While adding a wide receiver would undoubtedly have boosted the offense, the fact Rodgers has been able to make do just further boosts his case.

Rodgers has stated he wants to play until he’s 40 (or even beyond) and as he got one year closer to that mark yesterday, Packers fans should be appreciative of everything he’s still doing.

Father Time will always be undefeated but Rodgers won’t go down without a fight.

Now for today’s curds.

At age 37, Aaron Rodgers setting new standards for excellence—

Reports of Rodgers’ demise were greatly exaggerated and he’s in fact raising the bar even higher when a lot of quarterbacks are hitting a decline.

Happy 37th birthday, Aaron Rodgers, here’s a first-round WR for a change—ESPN

THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Rodgers will finally be able to throw at a first round receiver in the newly acquired Tavon Austin.

New Packers WR Tavon Austin still believes he has 4.3 speed—Packers Wire

Speaking of Austin, the veteran receiver believes he is still as fast as he was as a rookie in 2013. He’d be a nice complementary piece on offense even if he was really brought in as a returner.

Philly’s defense just as tough as those Packers have faced lately—

The Philadelphia Eagles’ offense might be a hot mess but their defense should not be underestimated and will present a challenge to the Green Bay offense on Sunday.

Woman left hallucinating for months after eating five-day-old service station sushi—Daily Mirror

Check those expiration dates, folks. Otherwise prepared to live in an even more twisted reality than the one that currently exists.