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New Year’s Eve Cheese Curds: 2020 had it all in a wild year for the Packers

From playoff heartbreak to heated draft debates to a memorable season, the Packers emerge from 2020 as bona fide contenders.

Tennessee Titans v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

We have reached the end of 2020.

Everyone take a deep breath, in between tears if you must.

To say this year was wild would be a criminal understatement. While there will be countless articles all over the web reviewing the year that was, today we look specifically at what 2020 held for the Green Bay Packers.

The year started strong as the Packers advanced to the NFC Championship Game only to get steamrolled by the San Francisco 49ers.

As heartbreaking as that was for fans, the year was about to get a whole lot weirder.

Roughly a month and a half after the Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV, the COVID-19 pandemic started to rage in the United States and around the world and everything changed.

The NFL went ahead with their draft in a full virtual format and the Packers all but stole the show there with their stunning selection of Utah State quarterback Jordan Love as their quarterback of the future.

This looked to be the headline of the year for the Packers. How would Aaron Rodgers react? Will not taking a wide receiver come back to bite them during the season?

That is of course if there was to be a season. The worsening COVID crisis cast doubt on whether or not the NFL could (or perhaps even should) play football in a pandemic. We all knew the answer, as the league loves money, but would reality allow it?

It turns out it did and what followed was some badly needed excitement for Packers fans after the pandemic robbed us of many things that bring us joy during the year.

Rodgers is on the brink of a third MVP while Love has been inactive every single week. The wide receiver debate was useless as it turns out the Packers knew exactly what they were doing as the offense led the league in scoring as the second year in Matt LaFleur’s offense made Rodhers deadly again. Davante Adams seems to be making history by the week, challenging Don Hutson’s team records at every turn.

Even the famously inconsistent defense has rounded into shape in the last quarter of the regular season.

The final act of the season is yet to be written as Green Bay prepares for their playoff run, but fans can enter 2021 confident their team is as prepared for a Super Bowl run as they have ever been since 2014.

While fans unfortunately will be very limited at Super Bowl LV, the Packers making their first Super Bowl appearance in 10 years would be a great way to kick off 2021 even if we all have to watch it from home.

Happy New Year, Packers fans. 2021 could be special.

Meanwhile here is the final batch of cheese curds for 2020.

Because of coronavirus, 2020 wasn’t the Packers season we expected. Vaccines and a Super Bowl run could speed our recovery.— (subscription required)

It’s been a shame fans haven’t been able to watch this run in person, but that is but a hairline scratch on what has been a masterpiece of a season for the Packers.

Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams can put major statistical stamps on 2020—

Rodgers and Adams aren’t done making history quite yet. Adams with four catches can surpass Sterling Sharpe’s single season team record of 112 catches, plus he’s also in reach of other records set by Sharpe (touchdowns) and Jordy Nelson (yardage). Rodgers meanwhile needs two touchdown passes to break his own team record of 45 in a season back in 2011.

Bears’ worst nightmare? Aaron Rodgers’ final push for MVP, No. 1 seed for Packers—ESPN

Nothing probably terrified the Chicago Bears more than when they realized they’d be facing a red hot Rodgers on Sunday with plenty to play for.

Packers WR Davante Adams becomes newest member of Madden’s 99 Club—Packers Wire

Adams joined an elite group with a 99 rating on Madden 21 and in a further showcase of the bond between the two men, Rodgers himself broke the news to Adams in the coolest way.

Boston Dynamics’ Robots Are Dancing Now, And Yes, It’s Still Scary—-Huffington Post

After this year, I for one welcome our new dancing robot overlords.