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Friday Cheese Curds: What the new CBA could mean for the Packers

The Packers could finally be headed overseas if the new extended regular season schedule is approved

Los Angeles Rams v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Just under a decade after a lockout, there is now a legitimate chance the NFL will avoid another work stoppage.

With the owners approving the new collective bargaining agreement by a 31-1 vote, it now moves to the NFLPA for the players to ratify. While it isn’t clear if this version of the CBA will get the players union’s stamp of approval, there is enough agreed upon at least that another lockout seems unlikely at this point.

So what would this new agreement mean for everyone? Well the biggest headline is the inclusion a longer regular season (17 games, up from 16), a shorter preseason (three games, down from four) and an larger playoff field (14 teams up from 12 and only the top seed in each conference getting a first round bye). This would have meant the Packers hosting the Los Angeles Rams in a wild card game instead of having a bye this past season.

The longer season also could reap benefits for the league internationally and as for the Packers, finally get them in a game played overseas. Green Bay is the only team that hasn’t played a game outside the United States since the NFL introduced its current international schedule and you know the league will want them and their famously well-traveling fans in London, Mexico City or perhaps elsewhere sooner rather than later.

Green Bay obviously won’t give up a home game and rivals are hesitant to give up a game in their stadium because of the aforementioned fans. Perhaps this new CBA will finally provide a solution to that.

Will head coach Matt LaFleur and company become international men of mystery next year? Only time will tell.

Now for today’s curds.

17-game proposal paves way for NFL, Packers to reap international rewards— (subscription required)

The NFL hasn’t quite figured out the international scene yet so adding a game to the schedule makes sense in order to have more games played overseas. This means the Packers finally could get the chance to play abroad and not give up a game at Lambeau Field to do it.

What is the 30 percent rule, and how will it affect the Packers?—Packers Wire

In case agreement on a new CBA isn’t reached, the 30 percent rule could have a direct effect on how the Packers go about extending Kenny Clark and re-signing Bryan Bulaga and Mason Crosby. Basically the rule makes handling signing bonuses trickier than normal.

Packers’ Legacy documentary premieres on connected TV app—

100 years, ten parts. If you haven’t seen it yet we highly recommend you do. It’s the ultimate Packers documentary.

Green Bay Packers Trade Target: TE David Njoku—Dairyland Express

It’s no secret the Packers likely could and should move on from Jimmy Graham this offseason. While Jace Sternberger is still the tight end of the future, acquiring David Njoku makes sense for added depth.

Moose runs down crowded ski slope in Sweden—UPI

Wonder if this moose is related to the Norwegian moose from Monty Python and the Holy Grail?