Make Marijuana "ok" in new CBA

If the players union has any clout to use on behalf of its members, aka the NFL Players, it will make Marijuana legal as part of its new collective bargaining agreement. The discipline imposed by its overpaid Leader has caught many a player for possession of dope, and this is both stupid and discriminatory.

There are many states, that have NFL franchises, where recreational marijuana is legal, and to discipline players in States where it is not legal, is discrimination as well as being incredibly stupid. Young men use Marijuana for its medicinal purposes as well as to get high and relax, so why punish them for what is legal in many NFL cities? All of the California teams, the Raiders in Nevada, Seahawks, Broncos, Patriots, and now the Bears can smoke away without breaking the law. Letting the States controlled by Republicans dictate how the NFL can punish its players is stupid and hypocritical.

For example, if any of you reading this are living in States where it is illegal I can tell you that legal pot shops in eastern Oregon and eastern Washington State are flooded with people from one of the most Republican controlled States in the country, which is Idaho. It is hilarious to see the vehicles with Idaho plates parked at Pot shops at all times of the day getting their legal marijuana. I hope the players can pressure their Union to do something on their behalf when it comes to getting high.

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