NFL Season may be cancelled?

As a Packer fan living in Seattle, the first epicenter of the corona virus in the U.S. I don't think attention is focused on the impact of the NFL. No one is discussing how the season may be cancelled or postponed. Just because it has not hit Wisconsin hard, Faux News continues to lie about its impact, and every Republican in Congress from the state of Wisconsin voted against the recent coronavirus bail out bill offered in Congress does not mean it is not coming to your community very soon.

The Federal Govt. has failed to make testing available. It is one thing for Trump to lie about it, but the fact is that even in hard hit communities you have no ability to get a test. How are the Packers going to test the 100 plus players they want to bring into camp to determine whether they have the virus? How are the players be able to travel to get to Green Bay? Social distancing in football????

Schools here are closed with no reopening date even scheduled. Businesses have shuttered with no timetable to reopen. I am not advancing the doomsday clock, but how does the NFL propose that the league will start....besides wishful thinking?

Major league baseball, the NBA, the XFL, major college spring football.....all done. The Olympics are why is the NFL exempt? It is great to write and talk about free agency and the NFL Draft, but practicing and playing a game....not so fast.

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