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The Packers 2020 draft hats have officially dropped!

Get your neon sign-inspired hats here!

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There are no longer any in-person events for the 2020 NFL Draft, but that hasn’t stopped the league from releasing its annual line of draft apparel, specifically baseball caps, for this year’s event.

With the 2020 Draft scheduled to take place in Las Vegas, the bright neon lights of the city seem to have served as inspiration for the new lid. Each team’s hat comes in a primarily black body, with team-color outlines for the primary logo and a neon sign-inspired slogan on the right side. Naturally, for the Green Bay Packers, that slogan is the classic “Go Pack Go.”

(Fans of snack foods may also find similarities to the packaging on a line of Doritos chips from a little while back — h/t to APC’s Matub for noticing!)

With many of this year’s top prospects now set to participate in the draft remotely, there is every chance that they will have draft hats and jerseys available to show off from home when their names are called in a few weeks. Click below to get your own now in preparation for finding out who the newest Packers will be, starting on April 23rd!