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Friday Cheese Curds: Oklahoma's Kenneth Murray would finally solve the Packers' inside woes


Oklahoma v Texas Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

As the march towards the 2020 NFL Draft continues, so do the prospect profiles for the next potential Green Bay Packers.

Outside of the wide receiver position, there is not a more pressing need for Green Bay than that of inside linebacker. Blake Martinez has moved on to the New York Giants and even before that the team desperately needed an upgrade.

For that the Packers need look no further than Oklahoma linebacker Kenneth Murray. He can defend the run and the pass (something Mike Pettine’s defense requires but the talent he had struggled with one or the other) and at 6-2, 241 lbs.,he can play every down and has the speed to be a threat on every down.

The only question for Murray, as is the with many prospects since the Packers are picking at the end of the first round, is will he be there? He’s been mocked to go anywhere from the teens to the low twenties but just a little bit of traditional first round insanity could have him land right in Green Bay’s lap.

Now onto the rest of today’s curds.

Former Oklahoma inside linebacker Kenneth Murray precisely what Packers’ defense needs—

It’s been openly debated whether or not the Packers really appreciate the inside linebacker position but for Pettine’s defense to truly work as designed, they need a serious influx of talent. Murray fits the bill perfectly.

Is it time for Packers to finally use a first-round pick on a WR?—ESPN

If it’s not an inside linebacker it could be a wide receiver at number 30 but the Packers haven’t taken a receiver since the 2002 draft when they selected Javon Walker in Mike Sherman’s first draft as GM.

Tom Dempsey’s dream was to kick for Packers—

Legendary kicker Tom Dempsey passed away this week and Dempsey wanted join the Packers in 1967 but there was no need for him at the time thanks to Don Chandler.

Texans in process of trading for Rams’ Brandin Cooks—

Thank God for Brian Gutekunst because Packers fans could have it so much worse.

COVIDIOTS-19: For Kristin Cavallari life’s just beachy!—Toronto Sun

In case anyone was wondering, Jay Cutler is stuck on Turks and Caicos during this pandemic. Hopefully this whole thing convinces him and his wife to vaccinate their children.