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Cheese Curds, 4/15: How do the Packers sort through so many wide receiver prospects?

Even if the top options at the position are gone by the time the Packers go on the clock, there will be a huge amount of talent to sort through at wideout.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

At this point, one might have better luck trying to predict which wide receiver (or receivers, plural) will end up with the Green Bay Packers in the 2020 NFL Draft by throwing a dart than by making an educated guess. The position is as strong and deep as it has ever been in this year’s class, and even the team’s traditional athletic testing benchmarks are difficult to sort through in 2020 thanks to the Combine and COVID-19.

One thing is certain: the Packers can use an influx of speed, however that manifests. But again, there are plenty of prospects who can bring that quality to the table. So how can general manager Brian Gutekunst sort through the variety of physical builds, skill sets, and levels of college production to set up his draft board?

Naturally, picking at 30 means that the Packers will be dependent in large part on what happens ahead of them. Some of their top options will likely be off the table by the time they go on the clock. A trade back into the mid- to late-30s could be in order.

With just eight days remaining, the players have been analyzed to an agonizing extent. Thankfully there’s little more than a week left before these questions can finally get some answers.

Green Bay Packers poised to emphasize explosiveness in rich draft for wide receivers | (subscription)
Scouts think that speed will be a key factor that the Packers will look for in this year's wideout group, and if that's indeed the case look for the likes of Aiyuk, Reagor, Mims, and Jefferson to be top options.

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If Green Bay doubles up at wideout in the draft with an early pick and a later one, here are a few pairs who would complement each other and the current roster well.

What's next for Packers: Aaron Jones' future and the WR draft debate - ESPN
Of course, the question is whether the Packers will choose to take a receiver at 30 at all. If not, look for offensive tackle or even defensive back as legitimate options.

Packers have different ways to look at quarterback draft scenarios |
Brian Gutekunst said he would pull the trigger on a quarterback at 30 if a top prospect falls. But which prospects would convince him to do so? And if they don't, where is the combination of value and need right?

5 ILB prospects the Packers should target after the first round | Packers Wire
Most recent mock drafts have the top three linebackers (Simmons, Murray, and Queen) off the board before 30, leaving the Packers without a great option at that pick. So which players could be possibilities if Brian Gutekunst looks to that position later on?

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