Green Bay Channeling the Cleveland Browns?

The Cleveland Browns have been the NFL's punching bags for many years. The Browns finished one year with no wins, they draft guys who either can not or will not play, and in general have been the laughing stock of the NFL.

Now we have the 2020 Draft, and Green Bay, for the country to see, is trying to upstage the Browns. They used a 1st and a 4th to draft a QB who will not play for many years to come. In the second round they drafted a running back when the position is well stocked with players who can play. Is there even one player that they drafted that is expected to make an impact?

In Seahawk country the local sports radio station started out Monday morning complaining about who the Seahawks drafted, and finished it with....well at least we weren't the Packers????

Green Bay was one game away from playing in the Super Bowl last year. Can anyone say the Packers are in a better position today then they were on the day after the Championship game against the 49ers?

I hope that I am wrong, but the Packers blew it big time. You would think Trump was in charge of the Packers....sad!

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