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Cheese Curds, 4/8: To trade up or to trade down? That is the question

In his first two drafts, Packers GM Brian Gutekunst has traded up twice and down once in round one. Will he move off his spot at 30 once again?

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NFL Combine - Day 2

The Green Bay Packers are in an intriguing spot in the 2020 NFL Draft. The 30th pick puts them right in the middle of the wide receiver tiers in this year’s draft, and they are also in slightly dangerous territory when it comes to linebackers and offensive tackles.

At 30, the Packers are probably too late to get Justin Jefferson, and certainly should be past the point where Jerry Jeudy, CeeDee Lamb, and Henry Ruggs will go. They also might find themselves a bit behind the top linebackers, with Kenneth Murray and Patrick Queen potentially off the board. They might then be picking off the scrap heap at tackle as well if Josh Jones and the rest of the top options come off the board.

That could certainly make a trade up into the early 20s appealing. Using the classic trade value chart, it would take the Packers’ third-round pick at 94 to move up from 30 to about 24. But with such quality depth in this draft, that might not be worth the move.

Instead, a trade back could be the way to go, particularly if the team’s ideal options are flying off the board. We posited some trade-down scenarios last week, and there are myriad other teams who could be good matches.

Which would you rather see the Packers go, if they do move off of 30?

NFL likely to conduct virtual mock draft ahead of draft -
Oh to be a fly on the wall (or an uninvited person sitting in on the Zoom call) when this takes place. Surely this will not have the teams actually making their real picks, but rather just a test of the league's, teams' and employees' tech capabilities, but it's still a fascinating idea.

Mike's Mid-Week Chat: Will the Packers trade up or down in the draft? |
Mike Spofford takes some questions -- some smart and some less so -- but this writer agrees with Spoff that a trade back from 30 is more likely than a trade up.

Packers likely will continue to shop for receivers after NFL draft |
Tom Silverstein mentions several receivers who could be released after the draft as candidates to sign with the Packers, but one intriguing option already on the market goes without a mention: Taylor Gabriel. If the Packers don't draft a receiver who's more in the shifty slot role, Gabriel would make a lot of sense, given his connection with Matt LaFleur in Atlanta.

Dueling four-round Green Bay Packers mock drafts 1.0 | Packers Wire
These are both good. I think I'd lean towards the first one, if only because I'm not a big fan of the second-round pick in mock two, but both get versatility at wide receiver and an athletic offensive tackle within the first four picks.

The NFL’s biggest one-hit wonders – The Athletic
This is a really fun exercise, and Don Majkowski's 1989 season gets a mention. I'm disappointed that there's no Samkon Gado discussion though.

Mountain lions prevail in court, retain potential freeway crossing area – Press Telegram
Remember the old "unfrozen caveman lawyer" sketch from SNL? I'd love to see a "mountain lion lawyer" after this.

Finally, we have this agonizing choice courtesy of Twitter, which will surely be a challenge for Wisconsinites:

I’m picking 3, 4, and 9, with only 8 being a real close contender. What’s your trio?