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Packers Hall of Fame pushes Woodson, Harris induction to 2021 amid COVID-19 concerns

Charles Woodson and Al Harris will still go into the Packers Hall of Fame, just not in 2020. Their induction will wait until 2021 to allow for a proper celebration, hopefully without health concerns.

Oakland Raiders v Green Bay Packers
Charles Woodson and Al Harris will still be in the Packers Hall of Fame, but they’ll have to wait until 2021 to be inducted.
Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

There will be no Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame induction in 2020 for Charles Woodson and Al Harris due to safety precautions amid the coronanavirus pandemic executive director Sam Kluck tells APC. Back in March, the Packers Hall of Fame Inc. postponed the ceremony which had been originally slated for April 18th, with the intention to move forward later in the summer. Now, the new date will be April 17th, 2021.

Kluck mentioned both players were on board with the changes because they wanted to be able to hold “a big party” without people worrying about whether or not it was safe to attend. According to Kluck, Woodson joked once he knew he was going to be inducted, he was OK waiting to have the party.

Rather than joining the 2020 and 2021 classes, there will just be this year’s class celebrated next year, in order to fully acknowledge the contributions Woodson and Harris made to the team.

“We didn’t want to cheat Charles and Al of their big day,” said Kluck.

The Packers suspended business operations at Lambeau Field, including the atrium, pro shop, and Hall of Fame since March as well, and the expectation is the team facilities will remain closed for the near future. Players have been going through a virtual offseason with remote classes and training with coaches and staff.

A Supreme Court ruling Wednesday nullified Governor Tony Evers’ extension of his Safer at Home order, though Brown County will keep it in place until at least May 20th. Until the state legislature enacts a plan or the governor can draft a new order, local municipalities will be responsible for the response to safety measures related to COVID-19.