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Cheese Curds, 5/19: NFL facilities can begin opening today, Rooney Rule changes coming

Although some NFL teams will begin opening up today, the Packers will not be among them.

San Francisco 49ers v Green Bay Packers Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Today, NFL teams can begin to reopen their facilities to employees and some players. That was the guidance handed down by commissioner Roger Goodell on Friday, allowing teams to begin a gradual opening starting on Tuesday if it is deemed acceptable by local authorities.

Players are not allowed back in yet, however, unless they are coming in for injury rehab that began before the lockdown started. Neither will coaches be allowed in the building, save for those involved in that rehab, and the league will maintain that stance until all teams are able to open up so that there is no competitive advantage or disadvantage. The Green Bay Packers won’t have their doors open just yet, but given the recent decision from the Wisconsin Supreme Court, it appears that the door is open for them to begin making those plans.

While the league takes some steps to begin making progress towards a 2020 season, it is also looking into long-term improvements to the hiring process around the league, particularly as it relates to ensuring that minority candidates get fair consideration. The Rooney Rule — a rule that requires teams to interview a minority candidate for all head coach and general manager openings — is getting an expansion this week, and owners will also be voting on potential extra provisions to boost or incentivize the hiring of minority candidates.

While the details of these proposals can be discussed and debated, it is a demonstrable fact that minority groups are under-represented in those high-profile positions. Time will tell if any of these additional proposals are enacted and, if so, how much of an impact they will make.

Packers Developing Plan to Reopen Facilities |
For now, the Packers aren't opening up the facility, but they're leaving the door open for that to happen in the next few weeks.

NFL instituting changes to Rooney Rule |
NFL teams now must interview at least two minority candidates for head coaching jobs and at least one for any coordinator position, senior personnel executive, or GM job. The league is also voting on a few proposals to bolster the playing field for minority candidates, including not allowing teams to block assistants from coordinator interviews (currently they can block anything but head coaching interviews) or giving a boost in draft picks to teams that hire minority candidates.

Packers making the best of unconventional offseason |
Aaron Rodgers has been throwing to a few NFL players who live near him in California, while the coaches continue to work closely with him one-on-one to install the offense.

Rodgers likes virtual progress of Packers' receivers without additions - ESPN
Meanwhile, Rodgers is a big fan of Allen Lazard, calling him out for his approach and productivity last season.

Matt LaFleur must walk tightrope with Aaron Rodgers |
Why? Is this article really necessary? Last season fans heard speculation day in and day out about the relationship between these two, and clearly that's not going to change in 2020.

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