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Thursday Cheese Curds: The Packers are "virtually" unstoppable

Thanks to COVID-19, the Packers have had to get creative to implement their off-season program and not even a pandemic will keep Matt LaFleur from having some fun

Divisional Round - Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

In the normal course of events, Green Bay Packers players and coaches would be convening at Lambeau Field right around now for the off-season program and organized team activities.

As everyone knows, the current course of events are anything but normal.

Instead the Packers are implementing their off-season program virtually through Zoom and other forms of online delivery. There of course is absolutely no precedence for this, but the Packers are making do with what they have and what they have is a loose group who is very tight knit.

Coaches are doing their best to inject humor into their virtual installs and players are coming up with creative ways to stay in shape. Who would have thought Aaron Rodgers would have to resort to basically being a kid tossing the football around in their backyard again?

Thankfully the Packers are led by a head coach in Matt LaFleur who is inventive enough to face these challenges with outside the box thinking and taking installs slower instead of at the usual NFL breakneck speed could pay dividends down the road.

There’s more on the virtual off-season plus someone very intelligent has a lot of faith in the Packers receivers despite minimal additions this off-season in today’s curds.

Packers finding time for fun during virtual offseason install sessions—

The relationship between Rodgers and offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett is really something to behold with the quarterback calling the coach a “wild man” in his injection of humor into his off-season slides.

Packers making the best of unconventional offseason—

Rodgers, for all the attention thrown his way in the past month, seems fully onboard with the off-season program and how the coaching staff is handling it. What happened the last time the off-season had some kind of delay? Rodgers won the MVP in 2011 after some disruption thanks to the lockout.

Aaron Rodgers likes Packers’ virtual progress—ESPN

Rodgers really likes Allen Lazard. I mean, he REALLY likes him and despite all the hand wringing over a receiver not being drafted, that could be a huge development.

Projecting the Packers’ post-draft depth chart at tight end—Packers Wire

Jace Sternberger will start the season as TE1 and Marcedes Lewis as TE2 but behind them is a variety pack of both size and ability. This is the most intriguing the Packers have been at the position in years.

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