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Cheese Curds, 5/28: NFL passes on adding a ‘sky judge’

The NFL won’t be adding a simple solution to judgment calls any time soon.

Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The NFL offseason is a great time to make fixes. From the league to each of the 32 teams to individual players, it’s a perfect opportunity to take stock of a situation, make the necessary changes, and move forward.

Or, you know, not do that.

A year after a wrongheaded attempt at fixing pass interference by making it reviewable, the NFL has punted on a simple solution to the same problem. Why? Who knows, but chalking it up to the NFL being the NFL seems like a good place to start.

Sky judge proposals withdrawn ahead of league meeting |

Hey look! A common sense, straightforward solution to an obvious problem! Easy to see why the NFL wouldn’t be interested in that.

Better, worse or the same? Packers’ D looks the same, which isn’t great | ESPN

After getting trounced in the NFC Championship by a team that had previously trounced them in very similar fashion, the Packers basically stood pat on defense, banking on improvement from within to raise the unit to new heights, a philosophy sparking no small amount of very justified questioning.

Packers think Rashan Gary can play bigger role against the run | Packers Wire

If the Packers are to improve from within, they’ll need young players like Rashan Gary to take big steps forward. Contributing against the run is one area where Gary can do that.

Aaron Jones ‘would love to be a lifelong Packer’ |

Seeing the numbers attached to Christian McCaffrey’s recent contract extension no doubt has something to do with Jones’ desire to be a lifelong Packer, but the sentiment is appreciated nonetheless.

Davante Adams works out with infant daughter

Put this one in your smile file. Davante Adams got a few reps in during his coronavirus lockdown with his eight-month-old daughter, Daija.

Canadian man receives package ordered 8 years earlier | UPI

Man, the mail delays during this pandemic are so bad it took eight years for this guy to get a package.