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Packers allocate $77,000 to UDFA class in signing bonuses & guaranteed salary

Texas Tech tackle Travis Bruffy was the biggest recipient of guaranteed money in this year’s group.

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TCU v Texas Tech Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers have traditionally found many solid contributors through undrafted free agency, and in 2020 the team is surely hoping for more of the same. With this year’s draft class seemingly focused with an eye more on the future than on impact in 2020, the franchise invested some money in their undrafted class to get a few players in at positions of need that were either left untouched in the 2020 NFL Draft or where the depth needs additional help.

Over the past few days, Bob McGinn of The Athletic broke down the full UDFA class for this year, and as part of his examination of this group, he reported on the guaranteed money given to the 15 players in the class. Below is the full list of players who received signing bonuses or guaranteed money in their base salary as part of their rookie deals. This group totaled $42,000 in signing bonuses, with six players receiving $7,000 each, plus another $35,000 in guaranteed base salary split among two players.

Note that most undrafted free agent contracts run for three years, with league-minimum base salaries. That base is scheduled to pay out $610,000 in 2020 for a first-year player. Signing bonuses are therefore spread out over three years.

Travis Bruffy, OT, Texas Tech

Guaranteed base salary: $20,000
Signing bonus: $7,000

Frankie Griffin, S/LB, Texas State

Signing bonus: $7,000

Zack Johnson, OT, North Dakota State

Signing bonus: $7,000

Delontae Scott, EDGE, SMU

Guaranteed salary: $15,000
Signing bonus: $7,000

Darrell Stewart, WR, Michigan State

Signing bonus: $7,000

Patrick Taylor, RB, Memphis

Signing bonus: $7,000