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Thursday Cheese Curds: Former Packer Samkon Gado goes from one year wonder to front line hero

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Gado's rookie season in 2005 was one of the few bright spots on a 4-12 Packers team. Now he's one of the real life MVPs fighting COVID-19

Green Bay Packers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

When football players step away from the game, life after football can be challenging for some. The sport may have been players’ entire lives up until they retire.

Former Green Bay Packers running back Samkon Gado was not one of them.

Gado, now Dr. Samkon Gado, was an unexpected star of an otherwise dismal 2005 season for the Green Bay Packers. Even then however, his passion was in the medical field as he worked at Bellin Hospital in Green Bay. Up until his career ended in 2010, Gado continued to work in the field during the off-season.

He set his sights on returning to his home country of Nigeria full-time once his residency ended (of which he did spend a small part back home), but the COVID-19 pandemic has, like in most aspects of all our lives, changed everything.

Gado now spends time treating those befallen with the virus instead of general surgeries as was his initial focus. He will return to that field once his residency ends but right now current events have forced his attention elsewhere.

Some things are bigger than football and Gado has his priorities in order and it’s great to see him want to change the world.

There’s more on Gado plus what the Packers themselves are doing to help alleviate the pain of COVID-19 in today’s cheese curds.

Former Packers RB Samkon Gado makes move from NFL to medicine with surgical precision— (subscription required).

Gado has become kind of a folk legend among Packers fans but the work he has been doing since he left football is very real and very important.

Green Bay Packers Foundation awards $500,000 in impact grants to organizations providing COVID-19 relief—

Organizations in Brown and Milwaukee counties, two of the hardest hit in Wisconsin by COVID-19, will see a donation from the Packers’ foundation. Good for the Packers on continuing to support our community.

Warning: Packers’ Christian Kirksey will celebrate big plays, so be careful—ESPN

Christian Kirksey’s celebrations can get out of control, so consider this a warning to the Smith brothers.

Packers wrap up offseason with virtual visit from Charles Woodson—Packers Wire

What a better way to end than with a pep talk from one of the greatest Packers of all-time.

Cows take over beer garden at closed restaurant and hotel-UPI

Don’t worry honey, I’ll just be at the bar until the cows come home.