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Friday Cheese Curds: COVID-19 forces Packers to change shareholder meeting and is training camp next?

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The coronavirus continues to affect tradition. Are training camp practices the next to go?

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You’re probably as sick of reading about it as we are writing about it, but truth is clear whether we accept it or not: COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere and it’s primed to wreak havoc on football season.

With the Green Bay Packers announcing yesterday they are moving their shareholders meeting ti a virtual format, that makes training camp the next event on the chopping block and there probably are not many people who think camp will happen in the traditional sense, to say nothing about having fans at practice.

Thankfully the Packers have been good at keeping things versatile and fluid under head coach Matt LaFleur and thar adaptability will serve the team well as it faces a training camp and preseason (if they happen) unlike anything that has come before.

The ultimate fate of the season is still very much up in the air and while the NFL seems hell-bent on having a season, they need to keep the facts in mind. Recklessly holding a season could cost lives and though it’s certain the league will take every kind of safety precaution, the NFL could also open a Pandora’s box that could be disastrous.

Lives are more important than dollar signs but I’m not very optimistic the owners understand that concept.

Here are today’s curds.

With virtual offseason drawing to a close, Matt LaFleur vows to be ‘fluid, flexible’ as uncertainty reigns—Wisconsin State Journal

The Packers are returning 19 of 22 starters and that continuity could serve them well with an abbreviated or even eliminated preseason. Thankfully LaFleur seems to have the pulse of his team and the Packers should be fine.

Dr. Anthony Fauci: Football players need a ‘bubble,’ season ‘may not happen’ with coronavirus second wave—

Anyone else have that sinking feeling in their hearts? Unless there’s an unexpected breakthrough with a vaccine, NFL football is in serious jeopardy this season.

When was it? Packers’ last interception return for touchdown—Packers Wire

I’m old enough to remember that Bashaud Breeland’s pick six against the Falcons. It’s hard to believe that the Packers didn’t have one last year but it’s true.

Bill Kelley on Curly Lambeau, Rockwood Lodge and the ‘49 Packers—

There aren’t many people left who played with Curly Lambeau and we need to soak up as many of these stories as we can. The tradition in Green Bay is what makes the franchise unique.

Poland Accidentally Invades Czech Republic In ‘Minor Misunderstanding’—NPR

Accidentally invading another country? That’s the ope-est ope that ever ope’d.