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Cheese Curds, 6/30: Brett Favre on Jordan Love; fantasy QB rankings for next season

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Brett Favre says the Packers can take notes from the New Orleans Saints on how to use Jordan Love.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

As we inch closer to the start of the NFL season, the discussions around the Green Bay Packers QB room are still lingering from draft night. Around the rest of the NFL, the larger conversation is still focused on Cam Newton signing with the Patriots.

Today we have news from a certain former quarterback that thinks Jordan Love can be used similar to another former Packer QB, Aaron Rodgers makes a surprise visit to a family, Jordy Nelson’s dominant career, Fantasy Football, A debate between two NFC North quarterbacks, a holiday celebration and news about bears from outside then NFL.

Brett Favre says Packers should use Jordan Love like the Saints use Taysom Hill | CBS Sports

There is no chance that Jordan Love starts over Aaron Rodgers this season, but Brett Favre does not think that means Jordan Love will ride the bench all season. He suggests that Matt LaFleur incorporates Love into the Packers offense the same way the New Orleans Saints use Taysom Hill. He says it would be a way to see what he can do, though APC’s Peter Bukowski disagrees with this approach.

The under-appreciated decade of former Packers WR Jordy Nelson | PackersWire

Zach Kruse over at Packers Wire breaks down the 2010’s for Jordan Nelson and explains how he was quietly one of the best wideouts of the whole decade. Packer fans already knew this, but the numbers sure do back it up.

Aaron Rodgers visits California brothers who lost their little sister to brain cancer | Green Bay Press Gazette

In non football news, Aaron Rodgers made a surprise visit to two brothers who lost their sister due to brain cancer. Aaron Rodgers continues to be a strong leader on and off the field, and shows the importance of using his celebrity to help spread joy in tough times.

Ranking The NFL’s Best QBs (2020 Fantasy Football) | Fantasy Pros

July starts tomorrow, and it is never too early to start prepping for your NFL fantasy draft. The number one quarterback is obviously Patrick Mahomes, but people will be divided by Aaron Rodgers ranking on the list.

5 reasons why Kirk Cousins is currently better than Aaron Rodgers | Viking Age

This article came across my Twitter feed, and if I have to read it, so do all of you. I do not see how Kirk Cousins could possibly be better than Aaron Rodgers, and I am not convinced he is the second or third best quarterback in the NFC North. (2. Stafford 3. Nick Foles).

Fresh Friday: Packers edition |

Father’s Day is not the only holiday in June. June 30th is National Outfit of the Day Day, so take a look at some the Packer players outfits from the season.

Fat bear champ returns with a major transformation | Mashable

Holly is a 435 pound bear that was crowned the fattest bear during the 2019 Fat Bear Week. However, she is nearly unrecognizable as she has lost nearly 150 pounds during hibernation, while most of us were busy gaining said weight. It is nice to read a story about a Bear actually winning something.