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Packers commit to half-million dollar donation to social justice & racial equality causes

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On Thursday, the Green Bay Packers organization released a video expressing players’ frustration about racial inequality and violence. Later on, they backed it up with a tangible donation.

Oakland Raiders v Green Bay Packers Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Following the release of a video of the team’s players and head coach discussing the recent protests around the country, the Green Bay Packers announced a tangible step to support the fight for racial equality and social justice. Team president & CEO Mark Murphy released a lengthy statement via the team’s Twitter account on Thursday afternoon discussing recent killings across the United States.

In that statement, Murphy revealed that the team and its players will donate $250,000 to social justice causes around the state of Wisconsin. Murphy further promised another donation of $250,000 from him and his wife personally, bringing the total donation up to $500,000.

Read Murphy’s full statement here:

This represents a significant step for the team in backing up its words with actions and dollars. The team has yet to define what specific causes it will support, but that will likely be determined over the next few days and weeks.