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Cheese Curds, 6/8: Football is taking a back seat for Packers’ players & organization

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The organization has promised to support its players in any peaceful actions and activities they choose to take in regards to social injustice.

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Divisional Round - Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The leadership in the Green Bay Packers organization has made its position very clear to the team’s players over the past ten days or so: football can take a back seat for the time being.

Amid the protests around racial inequality and police brutality since George Floyd was killed, the NFL and its teams have been taking different approaches in response. The Packers, however, have led their players largely do the talking. Head coach Matt LaFleur and president/CEO Mark Murphy both met with the players’ leadership council last week to discuss the issues and the current climate across the country, putting together a plan that culminated in the team’s video statement last week and its commitment to donate substantial sums of money to various charitable causes.

The efforts and statements are far from over, of course, as are the actions of the players and team. As the possibility of holding a real training camp and getting the 2020 season underway looms some weeks away — with COVID-19 remaining a major concern — the team has promised to support its players in any peaceful efforts or actions they may take.

In today’s curds, we get a look at comments from LaFleur on Friday about the current situation across the country and within his locker room, as well as a few other bits of news from around Green Bay.

Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur: ‘I want us to take action’ |
LaFleur spoke to the media late Friday afternoon, and he acknowledged that the Packers' focus is currently on social injustice rather than football. A key component of the team's plan moving forward is to make sure everyone in the organization is registered to vote, with many players already requesting absentee ballots for November's election.

Matt LaFleur: Packers will support peaceful protest by players | Packers Wire
LaFleur also addressed the team's response to any expressions of protest by individual players or groups this fall. In short, the team will be behind its players in any peaceful expression they may choose.

Green Bay Packers' Rashan Gary works to 'tighten up on little things' | (subscription required)
After a year with no offseason, like most rookies go through, Gary will look for the traditional second-year jump in 2020 after having some time to unwind this spring. After taking a few weeks off, Gary is working hard to keep his body in great shape, particularly focusing on his explosiveness and conservation of energy.

For Jordan Love to succeed, he’d be wise to follow QB Aaron Rodgers’ playbook – The Athletic
There's an interesting story in here from Brady Poppinga about a conversation he had with then-Packers exec John Schneider the day after Aaron Rodgers' tremendous performance against the Cowboys in 2007. Poppinga says that Schneider told him the team knew that day that Rodgers was their future, even before the team's deep playoff run with Brett Favre at the helm.

2020 NFL QB Rankings: Using Bayesian Updating to rank all 32 projected starters | PFF
Combining PFF's grading and EPA per play numbers, the analytics site projects Rodgers to be the fourth-best quarterback in the NFL in 2020. If you ask me, I bet that most Packers fans would be very happy with that.

German police: Petty thief fled supermarket, forgot his son | WHP
A man fled a supermarket after stealing five euros worth of items, but left his 8-year-old behind at the registers. What items that only value about six dollars could be so important that you forget your kid to steal them?