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Cheese Curds, 6/9: Dalvin Cook threatens holdout; Packers’ rookies will report early

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The rookies will show up early for training camp — whenever that begins.

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NFL: AUG 19 Packers Training Camp Photo by Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In 2017, the Green Bay Packers found a steal in the fifth round of the NFL Draft. Aaron Jones has been a tremendous player for the past few years, and he recently landed at number 8 in APC’s ranking of the Packers’ roster.

Dalvin Cook, by contrast, was a second-round draft pick of the Minnesota Vikings, and a player in whom the Packers were reportedly very interested. But now, three years later, the Packers clearly got better value in the draft, while the Vikings are staring down the barrel of a potential holdout.

Jones went to a team with an established superstar quarterback, so there would be no questions about where the focus of the Packers would center. The Vikings, however, gave absurd guaranteed money to their quarterback after Cook’s rookie year, which evidently has him rather upset about his compensation. The moral of the story here? Mama, don’t let your kids grow up to be running backs.

Meanwhile, when Jones shows up for training camp, his fellow running back AJ Dillon will have already spent a week in Green Bay. That is due to Matt LaFleur’s plan to bring the team’s rookies in early, a bit of a departure from the plans in Green Bay in years past.

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Revisiting and ranking each team’s 2017 NFL Draft haul – The Athletic
In a power rankings-style post, the Packers' 2017 draft comes in squarely in the middle of the pack, but is only as high as it is because of Aaron Jones, the 19th running back taken that year.

Vikings RB Dalvin Cook holding out without 'reasonable extension,' source says | ESPN
The third back drafted in 2017 is apparently planning to hold out this summer. However, he has played in 11 fewer games than Jones, has 13 fewer touchdowns, and has an average yards per carry almost a half-yard lower than Jones.

Packers Give Back supporting seven more Milwaukee County organizations with COVID-19 Community Relief Funds |
The Packers continue their charitable efforts this week, donating another chunk of money to coronavirus relief funds. This takes the total number of groups the team has donated to to 31 in Milwaukee County, with this batch including services like senior and child care, food for the needy, and more.

Rookies reporting early part of plans for offseason |
The Packers do not appear to be bringing their players back to the facility before training camp. But when the veterans to report for camp -- whenever that happens -- the rookies will have already been in town for a week to get acclimated to the facilities and to start working through the playbook.

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers still has ‘strong desire’ to play into 40s | Packers Wire
Rodgers seems intent on taking a similar trajectory to that of Tom Brady when the Patriots drafted Jimmy Garoppolo in 2014. The then-37 Brady had a bounce-back season and went on a big string of success, eventually leading the Pats to move on from a highly-drafted quarterback.

Nelson Selected for Kansas Sports Hall of Fame |
Jordy Nelson will be inducted in October for his contributions at Kansas State University, where he recorded 20 receiving touchdowns (23 total) and nearly 3,000 receiving yards in his college career.

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The headline is amazing. The story, even more so.