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Tuesday Cheese Curds: Aaron Rodgers is officially bad (in Madden).

Madden 2021 quarterbacks ratings are out, and Rodgers’ rating is not sitting right with people.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

According to a report that was released by Verizon earlier this year, the amount time people spent playing video games is up 75% during quarantine. This stat makes perfect sense seeing as everyone is sitting at home.

It is almost August, which means it is time for the annual Madden release. This game has a fierce fan base, but just as many detractors. Say what you will about the game, but a majority of NFL fans seem to have spent time playing the game.

The quarterback ratings have been released and they sent Twitter into a frenzy, and Aaron Rodgers is part of the discourse. On this fine Tuesday we will cover the new ratings, the Packers’ offensive ratings going into the 2020 season, Aaron Jones making an appearance on a beloved game show, and we take a look at some mechanical birds.

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers will be rated under 90 overall in Madden 21 | Packers Wire

It is official, according to the Madden NFL raters, Aaron Rodgers is no longer elite. In video game speak, his rating in Madden 21 will be below a 90 overall. Aaron Rodgers is one of the very few quarterbacks to ever achieve a 99 overall, so his dip below 90 is surprising. There are 5 quarterbacks rated ahead of him, including...Tom Brady?

Pat Mahomes is the highest rated, making his way into the coveted 99 overall club.

Ranking offensive weapons for all 32 NFL teams in 2020: Barnwell picks the best and worst | ESPN

Not only is July the time for ratings in Madden to come out, it is also when every sports journalist and their dog create a ranking list for anything possible in football. (Read APC’s ranking of the top plays in 2019!) Today’s list is from ESPN where they took a look at the offensive weapons for all 32 teams going into next season.

Well, the Packers somehow came in 19th. Yes, you read that correct, the team with Davante Adams and Aaron Jones, both TOP 5 at their respective position are 19th. Now, I understand they are not number 1, but 19 seems way too low.

Aaron Jones appears on popular TV show | KFOX 14

Speaking of running backs who led the league in touchdowns last year, Aaron Jones made an appearance on Family Feud. Steve Harvey gave an introduction that was worthy of the Hall of Fame. Listen to it below:

With stats like that, imagine if Aaron Jones was on a good team!

Drones Are Cool, But Robot Birds Are Better | Popular Mechanics

NFL fans love a good conspiracy. For example, the New England Patriots cheat every other year, and their fans claim it is a conspiracy by the NFL and Roger Goodell because they dislike the Patriots.

Today, we turn our heads to a very intriguing conspiracy theory. Birds are not real. There is a movement out there that claims the government removed every bird without us knowing and replaced them with robots. Now, engineers are releasing drones that look like birds, and I am sure that will only add to the theory.