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Thursday Cheese Curds: Hey, Remember the Matt Flynn Game?

Starr. Rodgers. Favre. Flynn. *Record scratch* wait a minute, Flynn?!

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Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers

With the coronavirus pandemic making football in 2020 look like a very shaky proposition, fans having been waxing nostalgic over some of their favorite moments. So we thought for today’s curds we’d lead with one of the most unique moments in Green Bay Packers history.

Week 17 of the 2011 season aka the Matt Flynn Game aka what got him paid by Seattle for doing nothing.

The Packers entered the final week of the season at 14-1 and facing the usual lowly Detroit Lions squad. With home field firmly in hand, Mike McCarthy chose to rest basically all of his starters including quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

This meant a full game of action for backup Flynn and what transpired next was absolutely amazing.

Flynn threw for 480 yards and six touchdown, setting a franchise record for passing yards in a game until Rodgers matched it two years later. It’s a performance that will live in infamy not because it had an impact on the team, but rather what it did for Flynn’s wallet.

The following off-season saw him sign a three-year $20.5 million contract with the Seattle Seahawks, rewarding Flynn with his first starting job. The contract included $9 million guaranteed.

Then Seattle drafted Russel Wilson and Flynn never started a regular season game, losing the starting job to Wilson in training camp.

Flynn later returned to Green Bay in 2013 to fill in for an injured Rodgers and kept the team’s playoff hopes alive along with rookie Eddie Lacy until Rodgers returned.

The legend of Matt Flynn will never die and Rodgers really has not had as good of a backup since.

How it happened: Matt Flynn throws for 480, then Aaron Rodgers matches him—

In a franchise featuring names like Starr, Favre and Rodgers seeing Flynn’s name in the record books is slightly jarring.

Packers WRs have plenty to prove entering 2020—Packers Wire

The wide receiver group got a vote of confidence from Brian Gutekunst this spring when the team chose not to draft a wide receiver. Failure to perform this season however could result in a house cleaning for everyone not named Davante Adams.

Sports Illustrated shines light on complicated religious practices of ex-Packers star Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila—

If you haven’t heard what the former Packers star has been up to since retiring, you owe it to yourself to read this series. It’s….something.

Allen Robinson hasn’t heard from Bears about contract extension—

The Packers’ NFC North rival apparrently feels no rush to sign their best receiver. Packers fans would be more than OK seeing Allen Robinson leave Chicago.

Pizza Shop Owner Thwarts Robbery By Tossing Pie At Suspect—Huffington Post

Guess you could say the owner gave the robber a pizza his mind. Good thing he didn’t get away with any dough.