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Friday Cheese Curds: Packers now have a running game triumvirate


Boston College v Pittsburgh Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

What’s better than two good running backs on your roster?

Three good running backs.

After a productive season from both Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams, Packers coach Matt LaFleur mentioned he wanted a third option to shore up the position and after his season ended after getting run over by the 49ers, it’s easy to see why LaFleur felt that way.

Well the coach asked and general manager Brian Gutekunst delivered. The Packers selected Boston College running back A.J. Dillon in the second round of April’s draft and if you watch his tape, you’ll see the 247-pound Dillon definitely brings some power.

Jones is entering a contract year so the Dillon pick naturally raised some eyebrows but at least for 2020 the Packers will have a three-headed rushing attack that Green Bay hasn’t had since Aaron Rodgers took over in 2008. With the quarterback showing signs of decline, taking as much pressure off of him, even if he is still darn good, is a smart move on the part of LaFleur.

This isn’t simply about duplicating the 49ers formula either. Last year the Packers ran a hybrid offense of old concepts from the McCarthy years along with the system LaFleur runs. The pick of Dillon indicates the Packers are going towards a much more pure version of the coach’s scheme this season.

Assuming football is played, Green Bay’s rushing attack will definitely be something to watch. Adding Dillon adds an element to the offense the team has lacked for years and it will be interesting to see what LaFleur can do with it.

What Packers fans should be excited for in 2020: Three-headed rushing attack—Packers Wire

The Packers have lived and died on the arms of their two franchise quarterbacks for 25+ years. LaFleur seems intent on changing that and a potent running game along with a Rodgers who doesn’t have to be God could be something to behold.

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That of course doesn’t mean seeing Rodgers in God mode isn’t utterly satisfying, especially when it victimizes your arch rival.

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LaFleur’s old team also came within a game of the Super Bowl last year and a late season matchup could be a good barometer for a potential Super Bowl run.

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With the coronavirus pandemic still raging, everyone will be holding their breath this coming week as teams begin to report to training camp.

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