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Cheese Curds, 7/21: Packers show up all over rankings lists of top NFL players

Green Bay is well-represented on lists of the top talents across the league.

NFL Pro Bowl Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

In the NFL, the offseason is all about rankings. Scrolling through Twitter or the news you see endless threads or articles about ranking the various aspects of football (we will not even dignify the Chris Simms wide receiver rankings). Most of these are honest rankings of the NFL landscape designed to offer insight and perspective.

Rankings are an important part of the NFL media, because it is important to set expectations for the season and make predictions to better analyze the season ahead. It is always fun when a team or player who was expected to not do much in the season has a breakout year.

Green Bay Packers fans are familiar with these because players often show up when ranking the best quarterbacks or wide receivers. Today we take a look at some wide receiver rankings, some lineman rankings, and who will likely be the breakout star for the Packers this season. We also look at some interesting facial hair.

NFL Scout Ranks NFC North Receivers | Sports Illustrated

An NFL scout took a long hard look at the receiving corps of the NFC North. He ranked the Vikings at number one, and the Packers came in at number four. However, he did say that Davante Adams was the best receiver in the division.

The NFL’s 11 best interior defensive linemen | Touchdown Wire

Continuing with the ranking theme, Touchdown Wire ranked the top interior defensive lineman and Kenny Clark came in at number 4. No surprise the top 2 were Aaron Donald and Chris Jones, but it is nice to see a Packer player get the recognition he deserves.

2020 Packers breakout candidates: DL Kingsley Keke | Packers Wire

Looking at the rest of the defensive line, Packers Wire picked Kingsley Keke as one of the players poised to have a breakout year for the Packers. Packers did not add any big names on the line, so it will be up to players like him to step up.

Owners share snaps of their cats with VERY funny facial hair | Daily Mail

At Acme Packing Company, we work to provide you with the most important Packers news day in and day out. However, this might be the most important news we have ever shared. Behold, cats who look like they have facial hair.