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Cheese Curds, 7/28: Rodgers is still feared, Packers looking into bringing in former Viking

An opposing coach talks playing Aaron Rodgers, and former Vikings defensive end might be on his way to Green Bay.

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NFL: NFC Wild Card-Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers are one of the most fierce rivalries in the NFL. Throughout their storied history players have left one team and gone to the other, many times out of spite. A couple notable players to leave the Packers and go to the Vikings were Ryan Longwell, Darren Sharper, and of course Greg Jennings.

Jennings was a player who seemingly went out of spite because he felt slighted by Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers franchise as a whole for not signing him to a long term deal. And then there is one name that Packer and Vikings fans will remember for the ultimate betrayal.

Brett Favre.

He decided to play for the Minnesota Vikings after a stint with the Jets, and Packers fans were furious, some still have not forgiven him. Now, it might be the Packers turn to poach a big name from the Vikings.

On this Tuesday, we read about a potential Viking star going to the Packers, an opposing coach’s view on Aaron Rodgers, Tramon Williams’ future with the Packers, and a former Packer who opts out of the season.

Report: Packers have expressed interest in Everson Griffen | Pro Football Talk

As discussed a bit here at APC on Monday, the Packers have expressed interest in bringing in Everson Griffen and bolstering their defensive line more than it already is. Griffen has expressed interest in playing for the Packers also, and they are on a short list of teams for him. This would be a huge pick-up for the Packers, and that defensive line would be so stacked, opposing quarterbacks will barely be able to catch their breath.

NFL Defensive Coach on Aaron Rodgers: ‘I Don’t Want to F—k with That Guy’ | Bleacher Report

News flash, Aaron Rodgers is still very very good. He may not still be the hottest cheese in the NFL, but according to one coach, he is still feared. The anonymous NFC North coach said that if you were picking 5 QBs you wouldn't want to play, he would still be on that list. This will definitely be a “prove it” year for AR12, even though he really does not have much left to prove.

Tramon Williams is not retired, but Packers corner is concerned about health issues | FanSided

Now that the NFL season is officially started back up, the COVID concerns are really starting to pour in. Tramon Williams is currently a free agent, but he and many fans alike would like to see him back in the Green and Gold. However, he is concerned about the way the NFL is handling the COVID issues, similar to what many players around the league have expressed.

Patriots fullback Danny Vitale plans to opt out of 2020 NFL season due to coronavirus concerns | USA Today

Speaking of COVID, former Packers fullback Danny Vitale has informed the New England Patriots that he plans to sit out this upcoming season due to COVID concerns. He states it is due to his newborn baby and protecting the health of his family.

A penguin couple went on a date at a museum and were starstruck by the dinosaurs they met | Insider

Aside from Valentine’s Day, summertime is the most romantic time of the year, and love is in the air at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium. A penguin couple went on a date around the nearby Fields Museum, and were amazed at the size of the dinosaur exhibits. The penguins names are Izzy and Darwin, and they look like a match made in penguin heaven.