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Aaron Rodgers ranks 16th on 2020 NFL 100 list

Rodgers ranks in the top 20 for the 10th consecutive year

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NFL: Green Bay Packers at New York Giants Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Rodgers completed the Packers’ contributions to the NFL 100 last night, clocking in at 16th. He’s the highest-ranked Packers player on the list. Earlier in the evening, Aaron Jones was named the league’s 33rd best player.

This is Rodgers’ 10th straight year in the list’s top 20, but it’s the first time since 2014 he’s ranked outside the top 10. He was voted the league’s eighth-best player last season.

His mixed 2019 season is emblematic of his “high, but not quite that high” ranking on the NFL 100. Rodgers posted two 400-yard games last season, including a magnificent five-touchdown performance against the Raiders, but also threw for less than 210 yards on more than 30 attempts in five games. That includes his truly abysmal performance in the Packers’ first loss to the 49ers last year, where he managed just 104 yards on 33 throws.

Rodgers’ advanced metrics also painted a picture of a solid-but-declining quarterback. He ranked ninth and 13th, respectively, in Football Outsiders’ DYAR and DVOA metrics, two of the most reliable numbers for overall quarterback performance.

This is the second annual list released this week that has seen Rodgers slide a bit. In Mike Sando’s annual Quarterback Tiers list for The Athletic, Rodgers ranked third, down from first last year.