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Cheese Curds, 7/8: NFL stadium rankings, Lynn Dickey’s incredible day, & rivalry talk

Lambeau Field makes the top five (but not the top spot), and Dickey holds an all-time Packers record.

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Green Bay Packers v New York Giants Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Everyone agrees that Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre, and Bart Starr are the three greatest quarterbacks in Green Bay Packers history, but who is number four? For this writer’s money, that title belongs to Lynn Dickey, whose best years for the team came between 1981 and 1985.

Dickey led the NFL in most passing categories in 1983, including yards, touchdowns, yards per attempt and per completion...and yes, interceptions. And although he never made it to a Pro Bowl, he made for a dangerous connection with wideouts James Lofton and John Jefferson and tight end Paul Coffman. In today’s Cheese Curds, let’s take a look at how he set a single-game team record that still stands to this day.

Meanwhile, the Packers’ home turf is one of the most hallowed sports venues in the country and the world. But when ranking the best stadiums in the NFL, writers from The Athletic didn’t give it the top spot. Instead, that belongs to the home of a divisional rival, one that is best known for its effect on the local avian population.

How it happened: Lynn Dickey’s near-perfect day |
No Packers quarterback has ever completed passes at a higher rate than Lynn Dickey did in New Orleans late in 1981. His 19-for-21 day included five touchdown passes, and even the two incomplete passes he threw were on target.

8 skill position players with the most to prove at Packers training camp | Packers Wire
You could practically say "the entire wide receiver group," but running back Dexter Williams is absolutely in here as well. Don't be surprised if he ends up getting traded late in camp to another team that likes his ability and is a little short on runners.

Expert NFL stadium rankings: Breaking down the league’s top, bottom five – The Athletic (subscription required)
Yes, I'm biased, but I wouldn't put a sandcrawler that is a blight on the local bird population in first place. The fact that Lambeau Field ranked fourth -- and that one person actually put it on their BOTTOM-five list -- is appalling.

Green Bay Packers purchase Lyndahl Funeral Home property | Green Bay Press-Gazette
Most of the land the Packers own around Lambeau Field is in the town of Ashwaubenon, but they just added a tract in Green Bay proper. This area includes what is now a funeral home, which will remain there, leasing the area from the team for the immediate future. But the organization will surely have an eye on expansion into this area in the future.

These are 6 of the most interesting NFL rivalries -
It's Packers-Bears, right? Though over the last few decades, Packers-Vikings has certainly featured more consistently competitive play and there was that whole #4 saga.

What Beer Sales Tell Us About The Recession : Planet Money : NPR
Good job, everyone! Beer sales are up across the board, but craft beer and imports are up big, taking away market share from the "subpremium" category, which covers Natty Light and the like. But while store sales are way up, craft breweries are still in trouble due to big drops in sales at bars.