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Tim Boyle feels ‘confident and in control’ heading into his third season with the Packers

Boyle is enjoying the opportunity to compete as he settles into his second year in Matt LaFleur’s system.

NFL: Green Bay Packers-Training Camp Dan Powers-USA TODAY Sports

Heading into his third year, Packers quarterback Tim Boyle finds himself in something of an unfamiliar position. This is just the second time since he graduated high school that he’ll be in the same offense for two years in a row.

Boyle played in the same system under Bob Diaco at UConn from 2014-16, but transferred to Eastern Kentucky for his final collegiate season. He then played under Mike McCarthy in Green Bay as a rookie, but had to go back to square one learning Matt LaFleur’s offense in 2019.

Now, though, Boyle is feeling comfortable and fully settling into LaFleur’s offense. “I’m definitely feeling confident and in control,” he told reporters via web conference on Monday.”

“Going into a second year is so critical,” he said. “There’s no thinking, it’s more reactionary. There’s less teaching, so you’re able to line up and just react, rather than think, which is what you want if you want to play fast.”

Boyle is using his newfound confidence to light up the early portions of Packers’ training camp, hitting receivers with noteworthy throws deep down the field during both of the team’s practices so far. Though he has the arm strength to go deep whenever he likes, Boyle says that hasn’t been a focus.

“I prefer getting completions, honestly,” he said. “I know that’s a boring answer.”

Boring might be preferable for Boyle. Though he’s more confident in his second year under LaFleur, he’s also facing some unexpected competition in the form of 2020 first-round pick Jordan Love. Boyle admitted to being a bit disappointed when the Packers’ selection was announced, but he’s not blaming Love — or the Packers, for that matter.

“If anything, it just gave me some extra motivation this offseason to get my mind right and get my body right.”

Like most NFL players, Boyle says he’s coming into training camp in great shape, having focused on eating well this offseason. He had hoped to parlay his confidence in LaFleur’s offense and better physical condition into some solid preseason performances, but the pandemic has taken that opportunity away. Though fans may not enjoy the drudgery of preseason games, Boyle says he’s going to miss them.

“I look forward to those games because our calls are fairly simple and the defensive schemes are fairly simple,” he said.

“It’s gonna be sad missing out on the preseason just from a fun standpoint and being out there with your teammates.”