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Billy Turner has never played the same position two years in a row

Turner might get to do that in 2020, depending on the results of the competition on the right side of the Packers’ line.

Philadelphia Eagles v Green Bay Packers Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Billy Turner isn’t really a right guard or a right tackle. He’s an offensive linemen, one who has played every position up front in his NFL career. Beyond that, Turner has never gone into an offseason knowing that he will be staying at the same position he played the year before, and 2020 with the Green Bay Packers is shaping up to be no different.

Turner is in the midst of a three-man competition for two spots on the Packers’ offensive line, joining Rick Wagner and Lane Taylor in a fight for the right guard and right tackle jobs. Therefore, despite an “unpredictable” offseason, Turner says that the uncertainty of his position is not a challenge. “Approaching every NFL season myself, I never approach every season as that I’ll play the same position,” Turner told reporters after Tuesday’s practice. “Playing different positions is something I’m used to.

Respect is hardly in short supply among that trio, however. Turner described Taylor as “one of my homies — a great player,” and said that Wagner brings a wealth of experience to the team. With the group continuing to rotate through — and with Turner being the wild-card, able to play either position while the other two primarily play guard and tackle, respectively — that should set this side of the line up as one of the more intriguing storylines of camp.

As for where Turner would prefer to line up in week one? He doesn’t care. “It doesn’t matter to me what position I’m playing as long as it’s the best five out there to go and give us the best opportunity to win games.”

Off the field, Turner is a vocal player on the social justice front, creating a clothing brand called Public Immunity that he uses to help raise money for racial equality-related causes. He also focuses his efforts on using his platform to talk to teammates, fans, and anyone else who is interested about those causes. “I’m never gonna give up hope and I’m always gonna use my platform to try to improve things where I can,” he said.

Turner also noted that although the team had lengthy conversations about social justice in the offseason while public protests were taking place throughout the United States, he is encouraged that players are still discussing the topic. “In the locker room every day, you hear somebody speaking about something that’s racial injustice ... there’s always a conversation around it, and that’s good because keeping (that) alive is something that’s important.”