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Lane Taylor hoping to get back to his old self after missing most of 2019

After missing all but three games with a torn biceps in 2019, Lane Taylor is hoping to get back to his pre-injury form.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at New England Patriots Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Lane Taylor’s season-biceps injury didn’t allow him to start working out fully until the end of the 2019 season. And when the Green Bay Packers’ offensive lineman could finally start lifting weights again, he felt like he was starting from scratch.

“It was weird because I had like zero biceps. Literally zero. I had to build it up from there,” he told reporters after practice Thursday.

“I was just weak. You still have your tricep, your shoulder, and your forearm, but my bicep was just flat.”

But thanks to an offseason extended by the pandemic, Taylor was able to get a little bit of extra work in, to the point that he now feels ready to compete for a starting job on the right side of the Packers’ offensive line.

Taylor started all but a handful of games for the Packers at left guard from 2016 through 2018, but lost his spot to Elgton Jenkins due to his injury last year. He’s not worried about fitting in on the right side, having played extensively at right guard for Oklahoma State, but he did consider looking for an opportunity where he didn’t have to switch positions when the Packers approached him about restructuring his contract.

“We looked at all of our options,” he said, “but we liked Green Bay and I feel like it’s the best spot for me.”

It helps that he’s going into his second year in Matt LaFleur’s system. Though he didn’t get a full season of practice in the offense last year, he says he feels comfortable with the offense.

“Any time you’re in the second year of an offense, some of the things come back to you second nature,” he said. “Things we were worried about this time last year are just second nature now.”

Considered by many the odd man out on the Packers’ offensive line, Taylor isn’t looking for any external motivation as he tries to work back from the injury. Heading into his eighth season in the NFL, the former undrafted free agent says he doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone other than himself.

“My motivation was really to get back on track, to prove I’m not done. I’ve got many more miles, many more years to play. I just wanted to get back to my old self.”